Someone asked me;

1. What do you understand about the Israel and Palestine crisis?

2. Who actually is the owner of Jerusalem?

Since Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, I have been asked series of questions and also read different articles and reactions of world leaders. I decided to ignore the messages for some reasons;

1. What I say/write may not change anything.

2. I remember the Saudi-Qatar saga and the controversies. I’m not ready to get in the midst of controversy, deal with tantrums, Insults and curses.

3. The Scholars know best on this.

4. I am enjoying my rest.

Few days ago, I saw an article by brother Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri on this issue and how we are dealing with it. Today, I saw another from brother Rasheed Abubakar. I consider these articles to be apt!

These articles changed my stance and I feel that there is a need for US to talk and I will write on “Who owns Jerusalem?”. The article will only take us through history but to be realistic, who does not know Jerusalem does not belong to Israel?

. * I will write, not because I want to go to war

* I will write, not because I am a Khawarij

*I will write, not because I am an Ikhwani

* I will write, not because I don’t subscribe to Salafiyyah

*I will write not because what I will write is new to people.

I will write because;

* This is not just about Palestine!

* What happens if Masjid Al-aqsa is FULLY controlled by Israel?

* I know it is important to call to Tawheed but can we ask all non-Muslims (like we ask Muslims) to ignore the plight of Palestinians (by not talking) because we are calling ourselves to Tawheed first?

* Yes! This might be a sign that the prophecies are being fulfilled but if Allah did not write us a letter telling us He is fulfilling prophecies, shall we fold our arms doing nothing saying, “The promise of Allah is true”. Do we have knowledge of the unseen?

So, having made money from 9/11, Iraq invasion (2003), creating ISIS and Iraq, is Palestine the next battlefield? I think WWIII should really sell. Once we do create weapons to fight war but now, we create wars to sell weapons.

If Masjid Al-aqsa eventually gets totally controlled by Israel, of what use is our being an ally of the West? If it happens, whenever we call to Tawheed, we should not forget that ABSOLUTE RELIANCE ON ALLAH not man or nation is Tawheed too.

I will still write on “Who Owns Jerusalem?” and if anyone thinks a Muslim that understands Islam should not talk on this, he should just do what I did that prompted me to write;

Search on Google, “What is the capital of Israel?”. If it is not the Tel Aviv we know, then save me your tantrums, Insults and curses, I won’t reply.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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