According to the BBC, Bangladeshi authorities have signed a dral with the government of Myanmar to return hundreds of thousands if Rohingya Muslims.

This news will serve as a breather to Bangladesh who have taken in and provided a camp and stead for almost 1 million Rohingyans who fled Myanmar after what the United Nations called an “ethnic cleansing.”


So many Rohingyans had fled the country after being pummelled, maligned and decimated by a largely non-Muslim government.

The details of the deal are yet to be made available as it is a developing story and will be updated as soon as more information is gotten.

A Rohingya child sits amid piles of donated clothes at a refugee camp in southern Bangladesh.
Tommy Trenchard/Caritas


Recall that the Myanmar President, Suu Kyi had lost a prize she won from her alma mater, Oxford University for her involvements in the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Rohingyan Muslims, a situation  tagged as one of the worst in the history of mankind.


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