menopause is a landmaark that indicates the end of a woman’s fertility period. it is more of a period than a point. it doesnt happen all of a sudden, but over a period of time. the woman ovary contains a finite number of eggs which are released once in a month and also contain the hormones (oestrogen and progesteron) which helps to control menstruation and ovulation. Menopause happens when the ovaries stop releasing eggs everymonth, and menstruation ceases.

It pesents with varieties of signs and symptoms which are unique to individuals. the signs and symptoms on a gneral note may include, but not limited to; anxiety, dry skin, irritability, moodiness, reduced sex drive, vagina drynes, dryness or loss of scalp hair, early wakening or absolute insomnia ( lack of sleep), fatigue, night sweats and osteoporosis (loss of bone density), hot flashes, or sweating and absence of menstruation.

The physical emotional and psychological manifestations of menopause all together can be challenging and affect som women’s daily activities. Although there is a strong correlation between social influences and menopause transition.

The islamic definition of menopause is very similar to that of medical. Islam recognises hat once a full yar or twelve consecutive months marked by the absence of menstruation have passed, a woman is said to haave attained menopause. The age agreed upon by all jurispudence is age 60 (counting by lunar years). any blood seen after this age is not classified as hayd (menstruation), eventhough it might bear signs of menstrual blood.

In islam, menopause is a landark signaling the end of a womans fertility period and eligibility for marriage. therefore, as it is obligatory for a woman who has attained menarchy to cast an outer garment over her adornments, there is no sin for a woman who has attained menopause to remove her’s (outer garment). so long shes not causing fitnah with this permissibility as evident in the verse of the Quran stated below.

‘Such elderly women as are past the prospect of marriage, there is no blame on them if they lay aside their (outer) garments, provided they make no wanton display of their beauty; but it is best for them to be modest; and Allah is One Who sees and knows all things.’ Qur’an, Surah An-Nur 24:60

In conclusion, menopause is a transitory period between a period of fertility and that of infertility. understanding of the consequencs of this transitory period is very neccessary for all women, most especially those who are near the menopausal age. Importantly seeking medical advices when the signs nd symptoms become overwhelming. Although very few women do not experience sympotms severe enough to tamper with their daily activities and usual functionalities, it can be very severe and highly demanding for others.

May Allah aza wa jal perfect all that concerns us, and give us the optimal health possible, and also grant us the ability to be able to use the health bestowed on us solely for His worship. Aamin.

By Aaminah Qasim


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