By sister Nafysah bint Yakub

I came into the world without knowing who I am
What I will be or what I will look like
When I came to this duniya I realized live is vanity.
Then I made up my mind
To use this duniya to reapp the Akhirah

Where is she? “oh my God!”
Don’t tell me you are going out with me dressed like this
I was amazed because am with my hijab,
“Isn’t this the same Deen we practice even before u were born?!” she said

Why am I being denied by my guardian because of my hijab?
They gave birth to me even though with stress.
When I was an infant, I mumble words
A language Which none can understand, yet they know my wants.
Then why is it hard for them to understand my language now that I can speak.

Why are they finding it hard that am practicing the Sunnah
Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)
I know you want me to be part of his Ummah but you are afraid due to difference of opinions.
The Prophet already said that sects will come into existence

After His demise, they sprang in coexistence

What is the benefit of duniya without gaining the Akhirah?
Dear parents, let me conceal myself as ordered by Allah in Surah An-Nuur
Oh father! allow my trousers be at average
I don’t care what others say for your support is the most important.

Dear father will you please be like the Prophets
And allow me be like his daughters”
Will you please support me in my Deen?
Will you please guide me well to build your HEREAFTER?

Please Will you build me well so I can build a Nation?
Dear parents don’t be my guardian only on worldly attire
Be my guardian both fee duniya wal Aakhirah

Youths are also dying, death is not made for the old
Who knows, it might be me tomorrow, whose soul will be next the earth will swallow
Let me practice my Fitrah, so I can be able to face my Maker
Let me practice my Deen so you can rest while in your cover(grave),

I thank you for bringing me to this duniya
Let me continue in the Aakhirah
I know you practice Islam with all your morale and knowledge but i want to be your better

Don’t be disappointed with me in hijab in the midst of your friends and brothers
Do not let me lower my trousers to be able to walk with you
Do not be ashamed of me in front of family because of my Deen
I want to be a Sunni, because the Sunnah is the only way to Jannah.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet then
Allah ( S.W.T) has chosen me to be a Muslim (Alhamdulillahi ‘ala ni’matil Islam)
Let me be thankful, grateful and work for it.

Nafysah @ KnowislaBybom.ng


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