Question: Will the person who takes care of the Masjid still be rewarded if he receives salary for it?

Answer: Na’am, he will be rewarded because the prophet – may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him – said “Actions are judged by intentions (niyyah)”.

If he doesn’t have the intention of taking care of the Masjid because of the salary, he will be rewarded, that is, he will give the Masjid special attention.

They are many perspectives to this, just like how the prophet – may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him said – “The best among you is the one that knows Al-Quran and also teaches it (to others)”. It is upon all the teachers that are teaching and collecting salary to check their intentions properly in order for them not to be losers. You need to check your intention properly so that you will be rewarded by Allah. Especially for those of us teaching about what Allah says, many people would ask us how much they should pay, just as some lecturers would be after how many people will attend their lectures; what is your problem with this? Nonetheless, you are free to ask about those that will attend; are they Muslim or non-muslim, so that you can know how to approach them. As for the one teaching, you are not required to target how much to be paid. Also, some know that where they are paying a small amount is far better for the nation and yet they go to places that pay large amount (with lesser benefit); you are also trying , but your level is more than that. We need to check our intention.

Credit: Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen Abiola Al-Imam


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