Whenever a christian thinks I hate them, I tell him I don’t; if I hate them, I would not invite them to Islãm. Rather, I want good for them, that’s the reason behind inviting them to the goodness (Islãm).

Sometimes ago when I was sitting doing something around an arena in Ìlọrin, two pastors came to me and sat beside me putting me at the middle, I asked “how may I help you?” they responded to have had a gospel message for me, I neither denied nor did I argue.

Their explanation on Jesus’ death and their sacrificial understanding of his death (which was an illusion) lasted for almost an hour and I kept mute for the whole time they spent with me – later, they rounded up.

I told them, if you expect me to join you, you must be able to attempt the following questions:

1. Was Jesus a christian? If YES, give me the references of where he mentioned himself as such in the bible.

2. Did Jesus attend any church? If YES, what day did he normally attend? And finally, which of the churches would you recommend for proper understanding of christianity as a religion?

3. Did Jesus call himself a god or a son of God?

Watch Out for what happened next; it was an interesting discussion between us.


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