Bid’ah is one of the most belittled evils in our society. The book, 50 Common Bid’ah (Religious Innovations) in our Contemporary World explains the general nature of “bid’ah”, its types and implications in the affairs of a Muslim. It discusses the role of bid’ah in the disunity of the Muslim Ummah (Community) and the need to return to Sunnah as practised by the early Muslims.

While the book deals with not less than 50 well-known bid’ah in our contemporary world, the examples and illustrations cited therein focus more on the peculiarity of the Nigerian Muslim community, especially the Northern Nigeria and the entire Yorubaland (South-West, Nigeria). Brief explanation is given regarding each of the bid’ah mentioned with proofs from the Qur’ān, the Sunnah and the views of scholars.

This book has answers to mostly asked questions on bid’ah in our society. It is useful to every Muslim home as an antivirus to bid’ah. It will be of great benefit to students of secondary schools and higher institutions who seek to combine Sunnah based Islamic Education with the conventional system. The book will open the eyes of the Muslim elite and the womenfolk to the evils of inexpert “sheikhs” who unfortunately parade themselves as scholars of Islam.

The journey of the book: 50 COMMON BID’AH (RELIGIOUS INNOVATIONS) IN OUR CONTEMPORARY WORLD began in May, 2020 or thereabout when I made a post listing some common bid’ah that I know in our society. I was able to list above 20 of them. Under that posts, Ustadh Yuusuf Murtadah Al-mujahidun (Saki) began to list more of them. Some other friends also mentioned a number of them. Ustadh Yusuf later suggested we list up to 50 of them, write short notes on them and benefit the society by warning strongly against them. The bid’ah mentioned consist of bid’ah that amount to shirk or kufr as well as those that may not take its perpetrators out of Islām. I later made a post listing and explaining briefly those 50 Common Bid’ah (you can read the post here:

I consulted Ashayk Uthman Jaarullah Zakariyyah in Saudi Arabia to go through the article and write a FOREWARD to it with a bid to get it published as a small book form. I also wrote an introduction on it. I initially wanted to publish the book along with Halāl Sex and Intimacy, but when I got to my printer (Al-Hasbiy), he advised me to write more on the bid’ah listed and discuss them with references from the Qur’ān, Sunnah and statements of scholars. I took to his advice and dropped the idea of publishing it with Halāl Sex and Intimacy.

After writing more on those bid’ah with references from Qur’ān, Sunnah and statements of scholars, I took the work to my mentor, Dr. Abdullahi Saliu Ishola (immediate past HOD, Department of Islāmic Law, Kwara State University, Malete). He looked at it pointing out areas we needed to correct. He arranged the book into three (3) parts: Bid’ah on Creed, Bid’ah in Acts of Worship and other forms of Bid’ah. May Allāh reward him abundantly. I later sent the book to some of our teachers and fellow students to look at it with a view to correct any mistake therein. I will never forget the contributions of Ustadh Abdulkadir Hanafi Abdulkadri ; Ustadh Ibn Hamzah Jamiu; Ustadh Farouk Aleem Al-Egbaawiy ; Ustadh Abu Sahl Adebayo DhikruLlahi Adewale; Ustadh Hasan Solahudeen; Imam Kay Yusuf;Ustadh Najmudeen Lanre; Ustadh Olatunji Ibrahim; Dr. Alege Abdurrazzaq; Dr. Ishāq Olorunisola (Al-Lūthee); Ustadh AbdulHakeem AbuAmeenah Abd’Hakeem Inenemo; Bar. Hasan Taiwo Taiwo Hassan Adediran; Bar. Ahmad Adetola-Kazeem and other people who read and made important contribution to the work. May Allāh reward them all abundantly.

When the book was to be printed, I was only able to gather half of the cost of publication. With the financial support of one of our mentors that I will not want to mention here, the book became a reality and it was presented today at IMAN Centre, Ilorin. During his Lecture to commemorate the release of this book, Dr. AbdulGhaniy Owoyale (may Allāh reward him with paradise) brought out some coincidences. One them is the fact that the book is dedicated to Sheikh Amin Ibrahim (Baba Madeenah) who was the first missioner of Islamic Missionaries Association of Nigeria (IMAN). May Allāh have mercy on him. The same IMAN was the organisation that my father, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi served for years as General Secretary.

The lecture delivered by Dr. Owoyale today was comprehensive. Anyone who attended or followed it online would attest to this fact. The whole lecture made me to realize how important the book is to our society. Our father, Prof. AbdulGhaniy Akorede حفظه الله said after going through the book, he discovered that it is a must for every Muslim home. Due to this, I have decided to bring the price of the book down to ₦2, 500 only to make it affordable to many people and homes.

To get your copy, you can pay into this account: 1888220015 | Abdullahi Abdullateef Lanre | FCMB and send evidence of payment to +2348158301855 (WhatsApp Only). To get the book on Amazon from anywhere in the world, follow any of these links based on your location:


👉 UK 

You can also buy your copy from Al-Ameen Stores, Taiwo Road, Ilorin; Darussalam Stores, Kuntu, Ilorin and other Islamic books outlets across the country. As for those who won free copies during our 4 Days Quiz on Facebook, kindly message me on the above WhatsApp number for you to get your prizes. Jazaakumullahu khairan for your participation.

I thank everyone who attended the Book Presentation today. I specially thank Prof. AbdulGhaniy Akorede; Dr. AbdulGhaniy Owoyale; Sheikh AbdulMumin Onisin; Dr. Abdulwahhab Elesin; Sheikh Abdullahi Ameen; Ustadh AbdulHaqq Ibrahim; Alhaji Saka Abimbola Isau, SAN; Alhaji Hamza Usman (Talba Ebiraland); Alhaji Prince ‘Lekan Adele ; Malam Abdurrahman Bolaji Abdulraheem; Alhaji Maruf Oladimeji; Malam AbdulQawiyy Olododo (S A to the Governor on Agric); Malam Muhammed Brimah (State Consultant, KWASSIP); Alhaji Yusuf Abdullahi; Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi (my father); Alhaji Suleiman Abdullahi; Ummu Sumayyah Mai; Alhaja Haleemat Abdullahi (my mother); Hajia Zainab Abdullahi (my wife); Alhaja Sidiqat Akeyede; Alhaja Rizqat Balogun and all those who have supported this project in one way or the other.

I also thank Dr. AbdulHameed Badmas Yusuf ; Ustadh Abu Hamzah Ibn Abdilkareem; Ustadh Balogun Abdulbasit Umar; Ustadh Abubakar Ozemoya Irekpita Yusuf Dr. Haruna Sanusi Lafiagi; Bar. Lekan Imam; Malam Shehu Abdus-Salam Aladodo ; Malam Yūnus Olukodo ; Malam Abdulghoffar Hussein Alaro; Ustadh Hashim Donimam Ibrahim; Malam Usman Oyebanji; Malam Farhan Moshood Jimba; Malam Sambo Dare Ibrahim Al Iloori ; Saheed Abdullahi; Ahmed Abdullahi; Malam Mahmud Osho; Engr. Abdullateef Ibrahim; Malam Kamil Sodiq Dan-Fulani; Malam Bashir Ajetumobi; Dr. Ibn Ya’qûb An Naijiree; Abu Imran (Haruna Audu); Alhaji Muhammad Olowo; Dr. Olasunkanmi; Ustadh Rasheed A. Haashim; Akorede Rawsheedah Saheed (and her husband); Dr. Khadijah Tijani; my sister Aishah Adams ; my sister Umm Abdirrahman Kifaayah Bukky; Hajia Hadiza Dabarako; Ummu Abdullah Adeyanju; Sister Baceeroh Oshoala; Lawal Risqah Omolola: Badrat Omoyeni Kareem and other people who stood by me throughout this project.

May Allāh reward us all abundantly.

Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi (Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori)
18th Rajab, 1443 AH (20th February, 2022)


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