Gifted is to be given something voluntarily without charge or a talent or ability to gain something accidentally without effort, the act ,right or power of giving or bestowing. To be endowed with something special.


When it comes to gifted children, there are three big questions: How to define them, how to identify them and how best to serve them.


When the mathematically gifted sons and daughters of affluent, well-educated parents are not challenged, their parents spend considerable amounts of time and money finding tutors, summer programs and online courses. see how much time and money is required for this effort.

For mathematically gifted students from poorer families, there is neither the time nor the money to seek educational opportunities outside the public schools. A weak public school system without flexibility or adequate challenge can seriously limit the educational experiences and lifetime employment opportunities of these students. A weak public school system ultimately limits quality education to those few whose parents can pay for it privately.


This children are gifted with intellectual ability only need a hand, they need someone to change the story. Gifted children have special emotional and intellectual needs. Their characteristics, combined with current educational practices, often put them at risk for problems.


Children seem like they lost their smile, because it seems like nobody cares for them. They plainly believe we should understand they are gifted and help in exploring their potentials. Lending a hand to the gifted goes a long way in unlocking several potentials in them.

We Can find the gifted ones everywhere around us but they are not given the chance to practice what they can do, we have seen many out their. Example
*Using a bamboo tree to build a 11 storey building,
*Using clay in making mosque,
*An hafiz/ hafizah etc
There are many out there, let’s just know that as parents, our children are blessings​ for us and that we should not be choosing how they will live their lives rather support and guide them through making appropriate decisions.

And for the ones with no parents, well….. If we can help them drive out the ability within them, it certainly will help the the ummah and not just the child.


We can’t keep waiting forp political sponsorship before we  help the gifted ones drive out their ability, let look around us surely we will find someone with different approach among others. Even the physically challenged ones are gifted.


If we don’t turn deaf ears, and help maximize this opportunity given to them by the Creator of the universe. Who knows  what knowledge the gifted will be able to implement and use in transforming our society.

M not raising my voice just to be heard, but for those who have voice and can’t​ speak up.

May Almighty Allah grant us the ability to help and be helped in  maximizing our potentials and talents in halal ways. Ameen.


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