Mark Leninto reverted to Islam last year June. The revert wrote a rejoinder to David Wood, a staunch critic of Islam that has been refuted over and over again.

Mark’s response was to David Wood’s, “Top 5 things about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”, where David criticized the Prophet’s marriage to Aisha.


Here is the full text of the refutation;

“Responding to “David Wood” (top 5 things about prophet Muhammad) (PBUH)

1 The marriage of prophet Muhammad PBUH to Aisha

Non Muslims always talk and mention about this marriage, (specifically Christians), always try their best to humiliate and talk about him (prophet)

Christians forget about the Bible the book that replaced Gospel of Jesus and what it says about marrying young girls and child marriage

God of the Bible approved that and did that according to Numbers 31:31-41

Biblical Lord took 16 virgins girls from the war booty of 32 thousand girls, distributed after killing the whole nation praise the peadophile “Lord Yahweh” Numbers 31:31-41

Lord Yahweh was raping girls for more than 2000 years!

Jesus mom (Mary) way younger than Jospeh as he was a grandther by the time he got married her (Mary), tho the people corrubted the Bible the book that replaced Gospel of Jesus, hidden and never mentioned about their age and Catholic believe that Joseph was 90 years old

Rebekah was three years old when Isaac married her; but Christians have issues with prophet Muhammad (PBUH) marriage to Ayesha

Sarah was 90 when Abraham was 100 (Genesis 17:17)

Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born (Genesis 21:5)

Sarah died at aged 127 (Genesis 23:1-2)

Isaac was 40 when he married Rebekah (Genesis 25:20)

Sarah was 90 when Isaac was born, from Genesis 17:17 and Genesis 21:5)

Isaac was 37 when his mother Sarah died (because 127-90=37)

Since Isaac was 37 at his mother’s death, he was 37 when Rebekah was born.

Since Isaac was 40 when he married Rebekah, Rebekah would be 3 when the marriage took place (because 40-37=3)

Furthermore; it sounds annoying when Christians say they are not bound by laws or commandments of Old Testament. If that’s the case then you guys can marry your own mother, sister, father, brother, since no such prohibition is found in New Testament.

Now don’t try to use Old Testament as your shield to defend why you can’t marry your own mother.

According to Bible Christians can marry their own sisters since no verse is there to forbid about that.

Abraham married his sister from dad side and yet the Bible says God counted him as righteous because of his faith (genesis 15:6)

Yet this is not disgusting toward them !

Furthermore; there is decent amount of biblical verses that gives Christianity a boost that these Christians are proud of. Once they read it; all they do is, things that they have literally zero proof to show their hypocrisy levels;

David married a young girl and he was way older than her

1 kings 1:2 So his advisers told him, “Let us find a young virgin to wait on you and look after you, my lord. She will lie in your arms and keep you warm.”

King Richard II married a 6 year old

Until 1929 Church of England ministers could marry 12-year-olds in Britain

In some courtiers and place (some places in US, India) until now it’s acceptable young girls to get married, yet this is not disgusting toward them and not talking about all these, only there to open their mouths and have time about prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

If to marry young girls could be unacceptable, then God of the Bible could not do it, HE could not approve and accept “Joseph” “David” “Isaac” to marry young girls!!!

It all about marrying young girls and yet they are blinded by barking at prophet Muhammad PBUH but do not bark at their own people

Let them bark those who would want to bark until to the end!

To everyone that talks about prophet Muhammad PBUH.

2: The hadith about licking the fingers after finishing eating the food!

“David Wood” said; “it causes bacteria and it’s disgusting

We Muslims wash our hands after eating the food, when we want to worship ALLAH, we have to be clean, in some situations we are required to take shower it is must, there is no where we can get bacteria at all.

He believes this can cause bacteria and he is pretending to be a clean person that always avoids to get bacteria, he is also trying to teach Islam how to avoid from bacteria.

The worst bacteria comes from the back and yet “David Wood” uses toilet paper only

Sadly after eating the food, he washes and cleans his hands before drying them!

What comes from back has bacteria. “David Wood” I think you should clean your back (private part) please as you need to teach yourself how to clean and protect yourself from bacteria!

“David Wood” licks his wife or girl friends private part, he believes it is fine to do that, his partner does blow job for him, all these does not cause bacteria and it is not bacterial accoridng to him!

But to lick your fingers for him and his fellow, after the food causes bacteria!

Where does the bacteria coming from by licking fingers after the food ? From the food itself or from our saliva when licking our fingers?

What is your prove for that?

If you say from the food then, you should not eat food, since you claiming it has bacteria!

If you are to claim that the bacteria comes from our “saliva” then you should not kiss your wife and give each other a holy kiss as the Bible said so (2 Corinthians 13:12)

Are they not disgusting and not causing bacteria all that I mentioned recent?

You let your “dogs” lick you, is this not causing bacteria? Is this not disgusting

As I said; you should teach yourself how to avoid from bacteria, charity begins at home and define for us what causes bacteria rather than barking at strange people but not barking at your own people!

You believe to be avoided from bacteria but you doing all the things that cause bacteria

Start cleaning your private part first, instead of just using toilet paper and then proceed from there!

Please sort out this double standard and try harder to prove my prophet and our beloved one, we Muslims love HIM more than ourselves, before anyone else after ALLAH

3 Hassan is the grandson of prophet Muhammad

Doctors can treat how they want if they need to and they might see your private part, touch it put it something in there.

Is that not weird to do it? According to Christians, is not weird to do that, but when it comes to Prophet Muhammad PBUH it is!

Let’s talk about this, they trying to show a bad image about our hero, our great prophet Muhammad PBUH

WE HAVE THE SAME ONE For non him and his fellows


Mark 7:33 Jesus led the man away from the crowd so they could be alone. He put his fingers into the man’s ears. Then, spitting on his own fingers, he touched the man’s tongue.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) done this to treat his grandson while he was a baby as his mouth was dry and was thirsty and this is one of his miracles (prophet) as his grandson felt better after that and prophet did this in public…

None of his companions said; “prophet” did this in a negative way as some dirty minded people think!

Whereas Jesus did this to a grown man and took him to a private place. why did he take the man away from people? What was he doing to him? This really sound weird to us. The Bible is indicating that Jesus was a gay man and we Muslims rejected that!

Who knows what Jesus did to the man as he took him to private place🙄

You can tell there was something going on according to (Mark 7:33)

He spat on his finger and touched the man’s tongue? Hmm

Jesus’s spit and the man’s spit mixed together?🙄

Than man swapped spit with Jesus spit!

Questions for Christians, what would you do, if Jesus would put his spit in your mouth?

What would you do if Jesus would touch your tonque with his finger and his spit and you are already a grown man?

Imagine this could happen to you fellow Christians

What would you do if Jesus spit and yours would be mixed and touch each other?

Does this not sound disgusting? Yes it is!

Are you telling us you would accept Jesus to do this to you or to your boys?

Think about what would be the next think!

Again in Matthew 16:23, Jesus said to “Peter” “SATAN get behind me”

The Bible is also indicating that Jesus was disgusting and weird, but we Muslims rejected this as some verses of the Bible have nothing to do with God and his prophets including prophet Jesus!

Christians imagine Jesus would call you SATAN and say to you “get behind me”

How does this sound to you ?

What would you do to Jesus?

Would you accept if Jesus would say this to your children?

This sounds weird as Jesus called one of his followers “SATAN and said get behind me!!!

Make sure you are aware of what the Bible is describing to prophet Jesus!

Do not get mad, but blame the Bible that said horrible things about prophet Jesus tho we are against about these kind of verses that humiliate God and his prophets.

If the case is how we want to twist then we can do as well.

People like to give time and talk about prophet Muhammad PBUH, what he did, it was all about positive intention! What he did also others did but only what he did is bad towards his enemies.

If you have problem with him and hate deeply this will not be sorted out your issues even if you do this

Qur’an 22:15. Whoever thinks that Allah will not help him (Muhammad ) in this world and in the Hereafter, let him stretch out a rope to the ceiling and let him strangle himself. Then let him see whether his plan will remove that whereat he rages!

Some people bark at strange people but do not bark at their own people, so no one cares, let them keep barking until to the end!!!!

4. He said; prophet Muhammad (PBUH) could have sex with 9 wives and girls, but only take one bath!

There is something needs to be corrected here; as you said; “9 wives and girls”

It is not 9 wives and girls, Aisha is included among the 9 wives, so girls is totally!

Again people bark at strange people, but do not bark at their own people, so let them bark until to the end!

This hadith it is all about telling us one of the miracles of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as no other man could do this, we also benefit from this hadith, that you do not have to take bath for each time you see your wives, in case if this happens! it is part of our religion to know this kind of things.

According to the 1st book of kings 11:3, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, this indicates that Solomon used to make sex more than everyone else, including prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his desire was all about sex according to Bible, is this not disgusting? According to “David Wood” and his fellows is not, as they are not opposing him and they are not the enemy of Solomon but the enemy of Muslims hero and the more honoured!

He is also indicating that prophet married many wives (Polygamy) and this is disgusting accoridng to him and his fellows!

According to Bible, God have got no problem with polygamy, some prophets of God also married more than a wife.

He should not talk about this matter, since God of the Bible approved that, otherwise he could talk about it and stop his prophets and his chosen people!

According to Bible

Prophet Abraham had more than one wife (Genesis 25:1)

Jacob had more than one wife, (Genesis 29:30, (genesis 31:17)

David many wives and concubines (1 Samuel 27:3)

Abijah had 14 wives (2 chronicles 13:27)

Rehoboam had 18 wives and concubines, 28 sons and 60 daughters (2 (Chronicles 11:21)

The Bible says that God counted Abraham as righteous (Genesis 15:6)

If polygamy could be bad, not acceptable and disgusting, then Abraham could be a bad person and the Bible could not say that he was a great man toward God!

If God of the Bible approved that and his chosen people did that, who are you to judge and talke about that?

You should bark at this chosen people that are mentioned in the Bible and talk about them before talking about prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

We know you cannot do that since you are weak and you cannot prove anything to us as the Bible is always to refute your claims!

Keep barking until to the end!

5: He said; prophet Muhammad (PBUH) constantly covered in semen

The hadith never said; he was always covered in semen, if someone used to do something, it does not mean that he used to do everyday and every time.

“David Wood” you are covered in semen and this does not mean you are covered in semen every time and constantly.

You’re always covered by your girlfriends private part by using your tongue !

Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, he must be constantly covered in semen

Others also had many wives than prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as I mentioned recent according to Bible, why don’t you talk about them?

You also do this why don’t you talk about yourself?

The hadith is all about telling us Muslims, what to do when this kind of situation takes place, as we’re required to be clean, we learn how to clean and what to do from prophet, when we are praying and worshiping ALLAH, we are asked to be clean, so the hadith it’s all about how to deal with this condition.

It is not about your dirty minded and always think negative about prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

“David Wood” According to your god, you are worthless and considered you as nothing

No one born of a forbidden marriage (bastard) nor any of their descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, not even in the tenth generation. (Deuteronomy 23:2)

22:15. Whoever thinks that Allah will not help him (Muhammad ) in this world and in the Hereafter, let him stretch out a rope to the ceiling and let him strangle himself. Then let him see whether his plan will remove that whereat he rages!

Conclusion: 1 Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 kings 11:3), also Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines (2 Chronicles 11:21) and so on… I think they were constantly covered in semen than everyone else! The hadith, it’s all about telling us how to deal with it, when this kind of situation happens and how to clean ourselves before praying and worshiping ALLAH.

2 He said prophet Muhammad (PBUH), would have sex with 9 women and girls, another false claim, as there are not girls here, Aishah is one of the 9 wives! (See number “1” please same respond) 👆

3 He said prophet swapped spit with little boys, again also Jesus mixed his spit with a grown man and touched the man’s tonque (Mark 7:33), according to them this is not disgusting and horrible, whereas prophet done this to a little boy his own grandson. Jesus also said to one of his disciples (Peter) “SATAN get behind me”

4 he said to lick your fingers after the food, it causes bacteria, he is claiming to teach us what causes bacteria and how to clean, yet he does not wash his private parts (both) after using the toilet, he uses tissue only, but washes his hands after eating the food, we know POO is disgusting and it has bacteria. He goes for his wife or girlfriend private part and use his tonque for that and swap his spit with her. All that it’s fine for him but licking fingers after the food is disgusting tho we don’t see bacteria here, if the food would have bacteria and our saliva then he should stop swapping his spit with his GF, or wife and also stop eating the food.

5 He said; prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had sex with a 9 year old, I think he should show us where the hadith says he did that with Aishah when she was 9 (explicitly). God of the Bible approved to have young virgin girls and he done it, praise the peodpphile “Lord Yawheh” for raping girls and women for almost 2000 years (Numebers 31:40), kind David’s servants did this for him (1 kings 1:2), Isaac did this and married 3 year old (tho some believe 10) (Rebecca) (genesis 22:9, 22:13, 22:19, 22:23), (when you look at all these verses it calculate the age of Rebecca). Joseph married “Mary” (Jesus mom) when he was way older than her, she could be his grandchild. Tho it does not say the age, still she was a young girl…. After all that they keep barking at prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

We see them keep barking again and again, they can bark until to the end!

They cannot prove Islam wrong, only wasting their time about prophet Muhammad (PBUH), this will not be a reason Islam to spread!!! Whether they like it or not, Islam will go ahead as usual!

The truth has come (arrived) falsehood has vanished, indeed falsehood is a vanish thing.”


Mark Leninto



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