The enthusiasm to lecture the Deen of Islam and how to free individuals from the servitude of strict haziness propelled the youthful, lithe, theology-savvy, and splendid Mallam Yusuf Olatunde Adepoju and others to establish one of the most famous Islamic associations in Nigeria whose significant objective is to welcome individuals into the crease of Islam.

ACADIP Nigeria as known by the creator of this piece can be portrayed as a stunner for the larger part of individuals in South-Western Nigeria, the entire of the country as well as across the globe. Investigating the doings of ACADIP for more than 27 years of D’awah, you will acknowledge that it has affected the over-simplification of the Muslim Ummah in and outside the country in numerous ways. However, five significant focuses will be brought up in this piece.

22 non-Muslims accept Islam at ACADIP lecture in Imesi-ile

ACADIP is a gift to the Muslim world and has filled in as a freeing mouthpiece for Muslims to find out about their Deen and how significant the religion of Islam is. In our contemporary present reality, numerous hot-gospellers, wandering Evangelists, and Apologists are beguiling our Muslim family to influence them into misrepresentation and divert them into doubt by spurning the Deen of Allah. However, ACADIP has filled in as an obstruction for them and the positive ramifications of this honorable association to set the confidence of the Muslims can’t be dismissed.

Besides, ACADIP fills in as an apparatus to take Ex-Muslims back to the religion of Allah with a few declarations being heard from them regarding what makes them leave the religion, which is worldly problems. Recognition should be given to ACADIP,  a shocker to individuals regarding how our concerns can be settled without going to any Pastor, Bishop, or Evangelist by adhering to Prophetic medications which are in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah of the respectable Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

ACADIP Founder, Mallam Yusuf Adepoju in an ad for an online lecture.

Welcoming People into the overlap of Islam is essential and for this effect, this honorable association has been doing and will continue to do. Not to go on and on, a large number of Non-Muslims most particularly Christians has embraced Islam by the desire of Allah while Atheist, Jews, Traditional worshippers are not forgotten about. Just to make reference to not many names, Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman, Adelakin Oladimeji Yusuf, Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma, Muhammad Victor, Adewumi Khadijat Caroline, Abdulfatai Oluyemi Johnson, Johnson Abdulazeez, among others have embraced Islam by the desire of Allah after reality had been presented to them and the truth of our reality on the earth. Numerous Christians turned Muslims under the umbrella of ACADIP include previous Pastors, Bishops, Prophetess and Evangelists.

Muslims attend ACADIP lecture

The Fiqh class of ACADIP laid out certain years prior to this time has been helping the Muslims and Reverts to Islam, on account of the Chief Imam of ACADIP, Sheikh Imam Abdulwaahid Tijani Adeoye (Iwosan Irorun), and other individuals from the board. As Muslims, it behoves on us to be educated with regards to the religion of Allah in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and this phenomenal association has been helping the Muslim world with welcoming people back to Islam as well as guaranteeing learning of the Deen as an essential factor for their need.

A few years back, ACADIP Institute of Comparative Studies (AICOS) under the tutelage of Mallam Yusuf Adepoju graduated at least twenty comparators who have been shown the methodology of Dawah and have been working with the respectable researcher of the Christian Bible, Yusuf Adepoju in passing on the message of Pristine Islam which should be the obligations of every Muslim with youthful Scholars being raised to the servitude of Allah and his religion.

Conclusively, the effect of ACADIP Dawah cannot be disregarded regardless of whether the foes continue to discolor the brilliant name of the scholar and his team. While they continue to do that, the association will continue to address them in the language they comprehend with their immense, astonishing, and God-dreading legal team while the consensus of the Muslim Ummah won’t stop to remember the association in our supplications.

May Allah reinforce Ustadh Yusuf Adepoju and his group, reward them with goodness and accept this Jihad as an act of Ibadah….Aamiyn!

Johnson Abdulazeez Ayomide
18th of Rajab, 1443 A.H
(20th of February, 2022)


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