All praise be unto Allah who has blessed us with the truth which is Islam. Allah’s saying that truth shall prevail over falsehood became evident in Imesi- Ile when ACADIP moved its train to the town for a 2-day lecture which marked the end of ACADIP October – November series.

With testimony from former pastors and a prophetess, including former pastor Joseph Awosina now Nurudeen, a son of the soil and an in-depth analysis of lies being peddled against God by Mallam Yusuf Adepoju (Chief-Lecturer, ACADIP NIGERIA), a total of 22 non-Muslims embraced Islam by the mercy of Allah.

Two sisters, Michael Esther and Michael Success from Benue state were the first two to embrace Islam at the lecture held at Open Space of Owa-Ooye Palace, Imesi-Ile, Osun State.

Michael Esther with Mallam Yusuf Adepoju on stage


Another revert recorded was sister Joy, who came on stage and asked questions like, “Did God ask Catholic fathers not to give birth?”. Mallam Yusuf Adepoju answered her questions and she embraced Islam. She also knows a former pastor, Pastor Israel, thereby authenticating the former  Pastor’s claim. He is now brother Mustafa.


Mallam Yusuf Adepoju, former pastor Israel Emmanuel and sister Joy

The 2-day lecture ended with a total of 22 new reverts to Islam including a Pastor and Reverend, Joshua Oluwasegun who came with the certificates he had gotten in Christianity.

The certificates are;

  • Advance College for Evangelism and Leadership Training (ACELT) anointing and ordaining him as a Reverend on the 15th of March, 2003.
  • Certificate of Baptism and Recognition issued to him by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on the 24th of August, 2008. The certificate was signed by the General Overseer, E.A Adeboye.
  • Certificate of participation in a three-day “Fire Conference” organized by Christ for all Nations (CFAN) and signed by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.
  • Certificate of Recognition for completion of the World Bible School Correspondence Course.
  • Ministerial Certificate from Advance College for Evangelism and Leadership Training.

Download his certificates here; Certificates of Reverend Joshua Olusegun


Despite threats before the lecture, no Pastor in Imesi-Ile came for a debate or question as lucky Christians in the Christian dominated town embraced Islam.

Meanwhile, a total of 200 non-Muslims have voluntarily and joyously embraced Islam in ACADIP 7-week October – November series


Mallam Yusuf Adepoju with 13 new reverts to Islam in Imesi-Ile, Osun State.


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