When the news broke out that someone who attempted to bomb a Church was arrested, the Christian Association of Nigeria must have been on their feet to chant the “Christians are persecuted in Nigeria” anthem. Surprisingly, it turned out to be what they least expected.

The news, though underreported, had it that a Christian, Nathaniel Samuel, had attempted to bomb a Living Faith Church in Kaduna on February 2, 2020. While there are reports of Christian terrorists attempting to carry out attacks, read here,  CAN tried fruitlessly to deny the report.

CAN and some other Christians started by claiming the name the Christian Bomber gave to the Police was Muhammed Sanni, while some say Muhammed Tanko as opposed to his real name, Nathaniel Samuel.

A Christian, Samuel Castro, consumed in his hypocrisy, had contradicted in within 11 minutes. At 7:30, he said, Nasiru Tanko was forced to bear Nathaniel Tanko in custody. 11 minutes later, he said the Christian terrorist gave his name as Mohammed Sanni. Which do we believe?



Samuel Castro contradicts himself
Samuel Castro contradicts himself
Samuel Castro contradicts himself
Samuel Castro contradicts himself


Deji Adeyanju, a Former Head of New Media for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Convener of pro-democracy and good governance group, Concerned Nigerians, also drank from the cup of hypocrisy.

The screenshot below was his first reaction to the news,

Like CAN and other Christian bigots, he, Deji, gave the Christian terrorist’s name as Mohamed Nasiru Sani!. Days after the incident, Father to the Christian Bomber, Mr. Samuel Ezekiel, confirmed that his son is a Christians and was never a Muslim. Read the report here

Consequent upon the confirmation, Deji had this to say,

The deliberate attempt of CAN and some Christians is appalling. They sing the song of an Islamization attempt by Muslims, but, they are the ones who are now forcibly converting a Christian to Islam.

History is made. One day, we will tell the story of how CAN and some Christians forcibly converted Nathaniel Samuel to Nathanieldeen ibn Samuel. Bloody hypocrites!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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