You’re not obligated to pay the Zakaatul Fitr on behalf of your house maids. They are not your slaves whom you own. You only own their services for an agreed period of time, not their freedom. However, should you decide to pay it on their behalf, nothing stops you from doing so.

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Zakaatul Fitr is an ad-hoc hunger eradication scheme and palliative to begging on the day of festival. #Keep_Sharing_The_Food

A recipient of Zakaatul Fitr who receives more than what can feed him and his family for one day and one night must, as a matter of urgency also give Zakaatul Fitr to others.

Keep sharing the food! Keep sharing the goodwill!! Islam is beautiful!!!

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Indebtedness does not exempt a person from paying Zakaatul Fitr. Even if you’re indebted to the whole world, so long as you have above what it takes to feed yourself and your family for one day and one night, you’re obligated to give the Zakaatul Fitr.

Kí Allah ó yà wá yà gbèsè!

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Take charge of the distribution of your Zakaatul Fitr. Do not hand it over to any Imam or Alfa in your area except on either of the following two conditions:

* That the Imam/Alfa is, himself among the poor and needy in the society;

* That you can trust him with your life and wife (lols)

This is because many of those Imams/Alfas have been reported to be hoarding the foodstuffs selfishly for future consumption or sale.

Don’t come here to quote the hadith “Actions are judged according to intentions” or “Allah sees my intention.” Do what is right. Take it to the poor and needy by yourself. Witness the smile on their faces and claim the supplication that they make for you.

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Zakaatul Fitr is only obligatory on those who have more than what it takes to feed themselves and family for one day and night. Those who, as at the time of its obligation (between eve of the eid al-fitr and the time of Salatul eid) do not have such provisions are exempted from the scheme.

Do not start borrowing money or buying foodstuffs on credit if you are broke at the moment.

The Rasuul said: “Verily, the religion is easy, and no one makes the religion difficult for himself except that he’s trumped.”

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Those living in countries or states where there are no poor and needy persons to give the Zakaatul Fitr foodstuffs should calculate the equivalent of their Zakaatul Fitr and send the money to trusted people in countries/states where there are poor and needy persons with special instruction that FOODSTUFFS be bought and given on their behalf.

This is safer and better for them. Doing otherwise and premises their actions on “Allah sees my intention” may not avail them.

Allah knows best

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Zakaatul Fitr, unlike Zakaatul Maal (the normal Zakaat) is given only to الفقراء والمساكين (the poor and the needy). According to the most authoritative opinion, the injunction in Q.9:60 which lists 8 beneficiaries applies only to Zakaatul Maal and not Zakaatul Fitr. Shaykh bn baaz said:

وقال الشيخ ابن باز رحمه الله : ” ومصرفها الفقراء والمساكين. لما ثبت عن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما قال: ( فرض رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم زكاة الفطر طهرة للصائم من اللغو والرفث وطعمة للمساكين..) . انتهى من “مجموع الفتاوى” (14/202) .

“The beneficiaries of Zakaatul Fitr are the poor and the needy based on the established statement of ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah (upon him be peace) made the giving of Zakaatul Fitr obligatory to purify the fasting Muslim from foul statements and sins, and also to serve as food for the needy.”

Note: Zakaatul Fitr can only be given to the poor and needy among the MUSLIMS. Non-Muslims are not included in this scheme. Whoever wants to show goodness to his non-Muslim neighbors should do so outside the Zakaatul fitr scheme.

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Zakaatul Fitr is a special charity that is given at the tail end of Ramadaan. It begins from a day or two days before eid. However, the best time for giving the Zakaatul fitr begins from the night of the 1st of Shawwal (after sunset on the final day of Ramadaan) and ends as soon as the people go out to the praying ground.

Note: Zakaatul fitr is only given using FOODSTUFFS. It can NEVER be substituted with any other thing; not even MONEY! Those who substitute the Zakaatul fitr with money have only given mere charity. It will not serve the purpose for which it was given.

Do not be misled. Islam is simple and its rules are clear on each act of Ibaadah. You can’t pay people to offer Salaat or undertake fasting for you while you’re still alive.

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