The KnowIslam Project on Wednesday received disturbing, but not unfamiliar news from LAUTECH about an alleged but not proven-to-be-Muslim Professor who prides himself as the “remover of Niqab on Niqabi students”.

Following diligent research, we gathered that;

– Ajibade gathered students to address students on issues relating to dress codes.

– He called all students in Niqab and asked one of them to remove her Niqab.

– The said sister beseeched, begged, pleaded with (while on her knees) Ajibade but all pleas fell on deaf ears.

– Exercising sadistic and narcissistic traits, Ajibade enjoys removing the Niqab on Muslim students.

– Someone came to yank off the sister’s Niqab (to the excitement of Ajibade).

– At the time of this writing, he is unreachable, declining calls from everyone including the VC.

– The VC ordered his immediate suspension

We also gathered that the laws below are officially or unofficially in practice at the LAUTECH ODL;

– The scrub is the only approved uniform for student nurses and any other forms of dresses must not be worn atop or underneath the scrub.

– That beards-keeping Male students should have it cut neatly and in minimal length.

– The Niqabites must not put on their Niqabs during lectures and exams.


While investigations are ongoing, we urge the Muslims, especially the students, to state their cases peacefully, follow due processes, and not take the law into their hands. May Allah reward the affected sister. Aameen.

This is also to remind anyone needing the reminder that, Article 38 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution protects freedom of religion and conscience for all Nigerian citizens, including the freedom to change one’s religion and freedom to worship, teach, practice, and observe one’s religion of choice.

The KnowIslam Project



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