Salam alaekum everyone.

Marriage is an institution in Islam that is paramount to the growth and the development of faith due to the following reasons:

1. Procreation.

2. Preservation of chastity.

3. Preservation of line of progeny.

4. Preservation of peace and harmony in the society.

5. The growth of faith and nearness to Allah.

All the above mentioned reasons are in line with the divine order of the universe. As a result of this. a person is called a true believer if he or she lives his or her life in tandem with this order.Also, he or she is termed as an unbeliever if he or she denies this order.

Marriage in Islam transcends culture and customs; it is a form of worship. It safeguards half of faith. As a result of this, Muslims should be well acquainted with the rudiments of this all important turning point in life. The call for this book is as a result of the response to the societal and moral decay bedeviling the world due to crave for ‘civilization’ by mankind. The civilization in this context is not the real civilization brought by Islam, but a man-made one, designed for his destruction. This man made civilization sets to destroy the very basis of our existence (Ibadah/worship) and tear apart our chance of happiness in this world and the hereafter.

It is also a response to the amalgam of corrupted thought by pseudo scholars who make frantic effort day by day to legislate; devoid of in-depth Islamic knowledge, thereby making marriage an un-enjoyable union in life. We know them by the hue of their sermons and dispositions. They talk of divorce more than marriage; as if it is the rule rather than exception. The other group is the fanatical chauvinists who want to see this world as the world of men, ruled by men and for men. They see women as tools or part of their properties; not to be heard or seen in the public. They strive to exploit the provisions given by Allah and His Apostle in the Quran and Sunnah fr man’s leadership at home to mean enslavement of women.

Each day, the world is becoming an unsafe place for a sane man. Why? The crime rate is on the high side. Divorce rate is making marriage a near impossible endeavor. This should be a golden opportunity for Muslims to showcase the beauty of Islam as ingrained in the Quran and the sunnah. Alas! Muslims are not spared from this devilish marital imbroglio.The divorce rate in Muslim lands is as if Islam encourages divorce. In spite of the Prophetic warnings, most Muslims are heedless.

This article is an intimate and passionate talk to you as the head and the leader of your family. The bulk stops on your desk. You are responsible -in the first place- for the success and failure of your marriage. This is the reason why you were called the bridegroom on your wedding day. You are to groom your wife just like a gardener grooms his garden.

You may want to be a perfect man, mind you, perfection belongs to Allah. Many people run into trouble in their marriages because of the fantasy they had nurtured about their spouses, whereas their spouses are not angels. A friend of mine once said that marriage is the end of all deceit. That is the reality. The shock some couples experience after marriage destabilizes the relationship to its very root. Every human is born with his strengths and weaknesses, so as to embrace this simple reality. Accept yourself as you are, work on self-improvement. This will give you a mind frame to accept others.

Winning your wife’s heart is the greatest harvest of patience and perseverance in your marriage. Your wife is a trust from Allah, therefore, you are accountable. This article is a reminder for all men. May Allah accept it as an act of ibadah from us…Ameen

(Junaid Yusuf: How to win your wife’s heart pg 1-5)


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