In a country like Nigeria where Muslims account for a significant percentage of its population, Muslim rights are being violated. This is not because Muslims are a minority, rather, Muslims of their own will not wanting to stand up against it.

They fight our sisters being called to bar with their Hijab, they disrespect our female students in higher institutions, International School Ibadan and some other schools in Ilorin do the same to our young ones.


If the law decides to grant Muslims Friday as work-free day, they will protest. They hate the Ajami script on the Nigerian naira, the same for the inscription on the army log. In fact, once they PROTESTED AGAINST SUKUK CALLING IT ISLAMIZATION.


Vanguard media dared Muslims with the support of some nominal Muslims (from them who reached out to us) by refusing to bring down the Islamophobic editorial. This is an insult to Muslims who spend their time, money and data on the company.


Our petition has gained momentum, AlhamduliLlah. Almost 500 Muslims have volunteered to be a part of this campaign.


Our Goal


We do not intend to kick Vanguard out of business. Our goal, which will take 10 days, is to create enough awareness through this campaign that any attempt to disrespect, demean, and oppose Muslims in Nigeria will not be met with silence.


Also, having positioned itself as being against the Hijab approval for female police officers by the NPF, we hope that, at the end of this campaign, conscious Muslims will not spend their resources on a company that violates their rights.




* Sign our petition against Vanguard and leave a comment


* Report and leave reviews on their Facebook page stating their hate speech against a religious group. If 1,000 Muslims do this, we will make a significant progress.


Link to their Facebook:


or search Vanguard News on Facebook.


Join us on telegram: Re:


This is the link to Vanguard’s Islamophobic editorial:


The link to our refutation can be found in the description of these videos:




Kindly give this the widest publicity it deserves.


KnowIslam Project


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