Some days ago, the video of a ‘prophet’ who promised to go to China ‘prophetically’ surfaced online.

In another video titled, “CORONA VIRUS – VACCINE AND IMMUNIZATION”, he claimed God had given him a vaccine and immunization against the Coronavirus.

The 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), that has spread to multiple world.

Prophet Dr. David Kingleo Elijah giving his divine solution to the Coronavirus said,

“Take a bowel or bucket, fill it with water, take that water to your bathroom, when you get to your bathroom, put your right hand into the water and shout the name of Jesus, seven times (Jesus Christ of Nazareth x7), stir the water, after stirring the water, use the water of bath. The moment you use that water to bath, that spirit of Coronavirus can never ever reach you…

As for those who already have the virus, he asked them to do the same but should add salt to their water.

On the YouTube page, some of his followers have showered him with prayers and said they would do as he said.

In an attempt to confirm what means or how does he intend to go fight the virus in China, we put a call to him. There is a confirmed case in Nigeria, so, he might nkt need to go to China.


Listen to or download the audio below. The audio is our conversation with someone who firstly claimed he was the prophet and when we asked questions, he said he is just a member.

We asked him to help us with the Prophet’s number, but he said we should get it from the video we watched but there was no number. The number we got was from a poster to broadcast his event. After that, all efforts to contact him have proved abortive as all numbers on the poster refused to answer our calls.


Listen to audio;


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