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This morning, I went to the bank, GTBANK, TAIWO RD, ILORIN KWARA STATE to settle the case of a fraudulent transaction of $34.94 on my card which happened over the weekend.

I got to the bank, queued then I saw two men coming peacefully having a dialogue with one another on boko haram. I listened to their discussion and there was no ado until the other man said, “They have stopped sending Boko haram funds from Saudi Arabia, now, they are breaking banks”

I quickly asked him a question, “what is the relationship between Boko Haram and Saudi Arabia?”

Before he could answer, the other man he was having a discourse with flared up and started shouting at the top of his voice… “What do you mean?!!! I will get you arrested!!! Look at how he is insulting my religion!!! I will deal with you!!!”, he thundered

Meanwhile I kept calming him down, “sir, this man needs to be educated. There are many like him here”

By then, people already intervened. I kept saying this man needs to be educated but the noise was now much 😢. So unfortunate.

So, as I kept saying he should be educated, they asked me not to talk again that’s it’s over. How can it be over when it wasn’t over when he said such rubbish.

A man thundered, “Shut up or else I will bundle you out!!!!!”

“Haha, bundle me? For trying to maintain peace and asking some to be calm? You must be joking.

If only the man didn’t resort to anger, that man must have been taught an Intellectual lesson.


One reason why I rarely get sorry or put up a post sympathizing with some victims of ignorant Muslims in this case. Someone insults prophet Muhammad (pbuh) intentionally to spite a an ignorant Muslim, he gets dealt with…

Though I will condemn the ignorant but I cannot resist the temptation to say, “serves him right”

Was leaving the bank when someone said, “you get mouth, I like you” and all that…

And that saddens me the more. We were not two Muslims but only two dared to talk….

To think we will be silent…

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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