Except he has his principle compromisingly softened, or as otherwise willed by the Creator, an untidy, unorganized woman can never last with a man whose penchant for tidiness and organisation of the home is second to none.

Some women are neat but they are not organised. Pay them a visit, you will feel no dirt on the floor of the house, no cobweb on the wall and no dust on the shelve. But the chairs in the parlour, the cabinet in the kitchen, the clothes in the room, and the tools in the toilet and bathroom may be in a disorderly state. It is no exaggeration that, like men, some women drop their undergarments (pants, bras et cetera) in the living room. This we’ve heard men accuse their women of, and to which they pleaded guilty during arbitration.

Truth is, it’s not enough to be neat – the floor swept, the shelve dusted, the plates washed and the bed set. The woman should be organised – the parlour, the room, the toilet/bathroom admirably arranged. Visitors should feel the presence of the woman from outside.

Meanwhile, some women are disgutingly dirty. Keeping the floor swept, the toilet cleaned, the plates and the clothes washed are to them a mountain forced on a fragile toddler. No matter how carefree – or perhaps compassionate the man is – he will tolerate no such irritable irresponsibility. Even if he does, it apparently speaks no good of a woman raised by a human.

The woman, Islāmically and culturally speaking, is the custodian of the home. She is the caregiver. Where her domestication responsibility is marred by laziness or feministic ideology, then she is considered a failed wife. If your house is usually unclean, and this even reflects in your kids, and your husband unhappy, then you have failed in your wifely obligations.

Can our sisters culpable in this regard consider this golden admonition and heed correction. May Allāh make it easy.

It’s a fact, however, that the wifely, motherly duties on the woman are cumbersome, burdensome and nettlesome. They aren’t easy to come by. She’s human, after all. This is why the man, too, should help her be a good wife. Tools that would make her duties accomplishable should be made available. And it’s no big deal if she is physically assisted. It’s show of mercy, compassion and magnanimity to wash the plates while she cooks the food, to tidy up the house while she washes clothes etc.

The man shouldn’t compound the woman’s already-compounded responsibilities by indiscriminately dropping his wears – including undergarments – in the living and the bed rooms. He should be organised to aid the woman’s organisation of the home.


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