Evil of Liberalism made easy

Muslim : Do you love Muslims?

Christian : Yes

Muslim : Would you follow me to worship Allah in the mosque to prove that you love me?

Christian: No

Muslim : What if another Christian who is your friend decides to follow me? How would you look like to me?

Christian : I would be seen as an extremist while you would love him and see him as tolerant

Muslim : Good, does such Christian represent Christianity?

Christian : No, he does not understand Christianity and he will only make us not going to the mosque with you look like extremists, yet, he doesn’t really love you than us.

Muslim : Good! That is the tolerance you are preaching to us. Muslims who don’t celebrate your festivals do not hate you. Help us tell those who celebrate with you to face their religion and make the world a better place not love based on hypocrisy, ignorance and distortion of fundamental teachings of one’s belief.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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