At the start of their marital union – when the love they both shared seemed romantically rosy, I guess – the husband’s phone was accessible to her. She was granted the latitude to view anything on the device – text messages, Messenger and WhatsApp chats, even the password to the bank account app was no exception. This made all about the man apparent to the woman like the fourteenth-day moon.

Where friends, during women’s talk, bitterly grumbled about their husbands’ refusal to allow them access their phones, she would boastfully aver that the reverse was the case in her own marriage: that her husband was 💯 faithful to her. Sometimes, she would insight her friends into believing that their husbands must have skeletons in their cupboards, the reason they were being secretive.

One thing led to another, in the long run, and the privilege she used to enjoy of her husband’s phone became ceased. The man had the phone coded and the password hidden from her. On inquiry into the new development, the man said it was due to certain confidential discussions with friends and family members which the wife shouldn’t be aware of. The woman got embittered as she found no sense in the man’s excuse. She felt rejected and disappointed, and lost trust in her husband. She, no doubt, found the decision a hard pill to swallow. In no distant time, disobedience set in, and she would read unintended meanings to all done by the husband. That’s paranoid! That was how a marriage of two very short years lamentably crashed.

Not feeding, sex, communication, accommodation, clothing etc. got the two lovers apart but accessibility to the husband’s phone. What a great factor to behold! Except there was more to the issue which the couple kept undisclosed, the woman, in my arguable opinion, was unprecedentedly stupid for preferring triviality over fundamentality, thereby losing a responsible husband.

May I suggest, very passionately, that men should not start whatever they can’t sustain, and that women too should make it a principle that, except on permission, they would have nothing to do with their husbands’ phones. This would keep them on a safe side than get hurt in the long run.

Your husband’s phone is his; it’s not yours. Don’t be bothered about what he does with it. His messages and chats are no concern of yours. Stick yourself to what he wants you to know. Don’t pick his calls if he says you shouldn’t. Don’t give yourself an avoidable hypertension. Don’t police him around. Even if you do, that will prevent nothing, for what will be will surely be. Be on your lane and mind your wifely business.

This, however, is no attempt to aid and abet insincere and unfaithful men whose sole reason for passwording their phones is because of the illicit and promiscuous life they live with ladies. Those ones are vicious. In fact, they are animals clad in human flesh.

It is no big deal for the man to make his phone inaccessible to his wife. This does not connote insincerity or unfaithfulness. There are some spendings – on friends and family members – the woman shouldn’t be aware of. There may be chats with family and friends the woman should know nothing about.


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