Atheists, in a bad to promote their belief, sorry, they say it is not a belief, have continued to place science and religion at two ends believing both must necessarily compete or are in a competition. That Atheists have taken Scientology to be their religion cannot be gainsaid.

In a bid to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, Mosques, Temples, Churches have been shut down in places where the spread of the virus has become or is becoming significant. As usual, Atheists have taken advantage of the situation to bash religion, giving reasons why a ‘god’ is nowhere, all for the praise of science, but, ‘Atheists don’t believe in science’. As Muslims, it is not upon me to prove the authenticity and divinity of any religion other than Islam.




Commenting on the book by Maurice Bucaille, ‘ The Qur’an and Modern Science’,  The Wall Street Journal said, Bucailleism is “in some ways the Muslim counterpart to Christian creationism” and although “while creationism rejects much of modern science, Bucailleism embraces it. Islam could not have been against science and new discoveries when the Qur’an says in Chapter 96:5 that Allah “taught man that which he knew not“.

It is in the record that we have had Muslims in different fields that have contributed immensely to humanity, yet held on to their religion.

Jabir Ibn Hayyan, popularly known as the father of chemistry, Jabir’s works contain the oldest known systematic classification of chemical substances, and the oldest known instructions for deriving an inorganic compound (Sal ammoniac or Ammonium chloride) from organic substances (such as plants, blood, and hair) by chemical means.

This article is not on scientists in Islam, so, here is a link for list of scientists in Islam

Is the Coronavirus Proving Islam False?

This is a report from CNN;

First, many religious leaders modified their rituals, hoping to contain the spread of coronavirus. Now, some are taking more drastic measures, canceling worship services, closing religious schools and shuttering holy sites.


Like sports leagues, museums and other cultural institutions, millions of churches and mosques, synagogues and sanghas, temples and gurdwaras are temporarily closing to guard against spreading the virus.


For many spiritual leaders, the decision to shut their doors is difficult. Religious rituals are meant to be enacted, soul and body, traditionally alongside other believers.
But the present dangers of the deadly virus are too great to ignore, many religious groups have decided, leading to a cascade of cancellations worldwide in the last 48 hours.

While it is true that the Coronavirus has exposed many religious lies, as in, the miracle workers, the same cannot be said of Islam. Those who claim to hear from God, perform miracles as in raising the dead and curing the sick have done nothing against the Coronavirus.

In the religion of Islam, natural disasters and outbreaks of diseases have been addressed. In a popular hadith, Sa’d reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “If you hear of a plague in a land, then do not go into it. If it happens in land where you are, then do not go out of it.”

So, over a thousand years ago, the Prophet of Islam had given a solution to curb the spread of outbreak which we later had to embrace following the rapid spread of the Coronavirus across continents.

The disease does not in any way a proof that Islam is false, rather adding to its authenticity. A Muslim that understands Islam knows that we are tested in different ways and for different reasons. Also, the Coronavirus, to the believer is not enough worry compared to the signs of the end times.

While we cannot specifically link the outbreak to any evil, it is in the Qur’an that different nations have been punished and tested in different ways. Is it not a surprise, that, at this age, a virus will put the world in tension with deaths, shut down of schools, business without a cure yet.

Is Science The Religion Of Atheists?

One thing Atheists need to understand is that you do not have to be an atheist to be a scientist. The fact that a religious person prays does not say they should not make attempts to find a solution to issues. Looking at Islam, Allah has taught man what he knows not, also, for every disease is a cure, therefore, it is left to us to make researches. Whatever cure would be discovered would be gotten from nature which is not the creation of any scientist.

The atheist who rushes to bash religions needs to know that the idea that religious people just rely on prayer alone and do nothing is a picture that was painted in their delusion. Also, the average atheist bashing religious people is on his own not a scientist and has no knowledge of science.

My worry is that, when the signs of the end times come, religious people would be asked to call on God when the disbelievers are about to be engulfed in their disbelief.

Conclusively, not all scientists are atheists and all atheists are not scientists.


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