Hey you soul, the body guest,

Your duty in the body is the best,

To all beings there is a quest,

When the soul quits, we face the next.

Tell the rich; those with affluence,

And the poor; those without opulence,

The pretties and those in the sequence,

When death comes, there’s confluence.

Tell love it’s but lust,

Tell flesh it’s but dust,

Tell wealth it will rust,

But death it’s a must.

O death, the unavoidable calamity,

Your visit disrupts serenity,

You shall be tasted by all entity,

It’s a decree from Allah, Lord in totality.

Ya Allah, unto you I cry,

Very soon, I don’t want to die,

In subservience and unto you I nigh,

So in life and hereafter, I’ll be lifted high.


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