Religion in Africa seems to be practiced differently from other continents, no thanks to the high rate of poverty and a lack of education. However, other continents, even the so-called first world nations have had their share of religious shenanigans as in the Jonestown’s event where Rev.Jim Jones led his followers to commit mass suicide which saw to the death of about 918 people including Children.

The quest for miracles in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, has seen to the emergence of self-acclaimed men of God who claim to see the unseen, have solutions to people’s problems from medical to financial challenges and the power to change the future. While it is said that God gives freely and Satan collects something in return, those who claim to be men of God and perform miracles seem to even require more and make people do ridiculous things making it difficult to distinguish between what is God’s and what is of the devil.

We have seen people who have been brainwashed by these con artists who claim to be from God. From drinking fuel, to eating grasses, anointing oils, salvation water, people have been brainwashed, programmed and consequently, enslaved while seeking these men of God.


Alfa Ilero is a self-acclaimed Islamic Cleric in Gambari, Ibadan, Oyo State. The man who claims to be God-sent as in a messiah to the world has a camp where he keeps people who go to him seeking a solution to their problems and challenges.

Against what Islam says, this cleric has not less than 40 wives, whereas, Muslim men can only marry a maximum of 4 women. One of the wives claim to hear from God and gives revelations.

When these people go to him, they get brainwashed and programmed with diabolic acts, then enslaves them. Mobile phones become forbidden for his now disciples, they get excommunicated from their families, cars become haram though he has. Many of his disciples are malnourished which his logical given their numbers and the food that may be available to them.

People who have been set free from his bondage have continued to give accounts of their ordeal, how families have been broken and sane people now mentally unstable.

Alfa Ilero, in a mischievous interpretation of the sunnah legalizes child marriage. A victim had said he had asked to marry his 6-year-old daughter. He is infamous for giving out very young girls in marriage.

A popular presenter in Ibadan, Alhaji Hamzat Oriyomi has been on this case, exposing this evil and warning Muslims against this modern-day slavery. Alfa Ilori has sent letters full of threats and curses to Hamzat Oriyomi. In fact, he had asked the ace presenter to bring 2 million naira else he will die on a specific date he gave.

Attached to this article are copies of the letters Alfa Ilero sent to Hamzat Oriyomi. These letters are threats and lies fabricated by Alfa Ilero against Allah (Subhana wa ta’alaa).

AlhamduliLlāh, the notorious cleric has been exposed. May Allah reward everyone involved and grant spiritual wellness to Ilero. Watch video:

The KnowIslam Team


Download Alfa Ilero’s letter to Hamzat Oriyomi


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