An enthusiastic sister had shared with me the contact of an Indian lady who was willing to accept Islam.

I called the sister, preached, made a comparative analysis of Islam and Hinduism, the need to die on Islam, etc., and we ended with the Shahadah. Nitiya adhakri who claimed to be a 19-year-old from “India West Bengal slipuri village” decided to become ‘Aisha.

Excited, I shared the news on my Facebook page as well as two Facebook groups created to publish Reverts stories and challenges. I did this to connect her with those who could be close to her.

I followed up with comments. Amongst the comments, about two people expressed doubts, while someone claimed that the story was familiar. Taking the doubts into consideration, I launched an investigation, spoke with those who had doubts to lay assumptions to rest.

At the end of the day, we discovered that a male was behind the account. Earlier, he has been kicked out of a group after selling the same story of wanting to revert. He pronounces the Shahadah, gets added to sisters groups, requests for their pictures in their DMS and send nude pictures. He speaks with a mix of both masculine and feminine voice.

This was further confirmed from screenshots from other sources with the same phone number: +91 95808 06379.

While we are still working on fishing out his accomplices, the incessant infiltration of Sisters Only groups necessitates taking extra security measures. Therefore, I propose that anyone who wants to join this groups should have a valid means of identification and/or have a video call with the Admin.


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