Our great country, Nigeria is a great nation where comedians are producing skits to serve as anti-depressants given the economic situation of the country. We get luckier when comedy is taken to the altar and some religious houses have become a circus.

Many must have heard about the Anambra-based dramatic and controversial Pastor/Prophet, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere alias Odumeje who calls himself the “The Lion, The War, The Liquid Metal, Ladical Plophet (sic), Indaboski Bahose” and many other infamous titles.

It is baffling that many Nigerians, Christians especially, think that this man was not called by God. The truth be told, we have many Indaboski Pahoses in our great country. The difference here is that many of these clowns have different level of Indaboskicism; religious shenanigans are at different levels and classes.

One wonders, one what grounds would a follower of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome mock or criticize the Liquid Metal? What has he done? Physically wrestling evil spirits with punches, smackdowns and WWE acrobatics? Who remembers Pastor Chris’ video where he was saying, “take it! take it!” while the followers stumble on the chairs. Funnily, the cameramen were not affected by the power of Pastor Chris’ anointing. Incredible!.

Prior to the advent of Pastor Odumeje, we have had lots of uncelebrated Indaboskis. Pastor Lazarus Mouka of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is another Pahose per excellence. If his church member is not saying she didn’t fill her gas for three years because the Church’s sticker was on her gas cylinder, the members would be seen rolling in the mud, combining the stunts of Buster Keaton and Jackie Chan as a service to God. Check out this video and know what it is to be the real Indaboski Pahose;


Odumeje’s worldly dance styles have also come under criticism. The question remains, “on what ground(s)?”. In the Bible, Jesus never taught his disciples to sing and dance to praise God, that act would be traced to King David but we have Christ-ians not David-ians. If God had wanted us to dance to praise him as a spiritual act, then, He must have given us spiritual dance steps and styles. Watch this video of Bishop Praise Machine as we ask if what we have in Churches today is praise or entertainment;


Every Sunday, Christians go to the Church to jump, roll, twist, twerk, bend in the name of praising God. The Celestial Churches are very good at this. Given these, we may ask, ‘who orders what type of dances should we have in the church or not? Indeed, we have many Pahoses and Liquid Metals.

Our Indaboski Pahose’s unintelligible words and chants also brought him to limelight and criticisms. This should not be strange to Nigerian Christians because they hear this every Sunday while some of them say it themselves. In an earlier publication, we have explained the difference between Glossolalia and Xenolalia. The gibberish he says is the same with what other Nigerian Pastors too say.


When you speak in a language no one on earth understands to a congregation, it is in no way different from Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Nonsense Song’;

Se bella giu satore Je notre so cafore Je notre si cavore Je la tu la ti la twah. La spinash o la bouchon Cigaretto Portabello Si rakish spaghaletto Ti la tu la ti la twah (In Modern Times).

We can go on in bringing out the traits and characteristics of Pastor Odumegu, the Liquid Metal in other Nigerian Pastors. It is hypocritical that many of these Christians are blind to the ridiculous teachings and acts of their own but pick on a soft target, the Liquid Metal. Acrobatics, scam, speaking in tongues, miracles, prosperity preaching, unfulfilled prophecies, etc.

If a Christian thinks Odumegu is ridiculous, remember that Pastor E.A Adeboye claimed that he drank tea with God, God told him there would be flood (in the raining season) and fire outbreaks (in the dry season) – Odumegu is learning.

It is time for people to be wise. Religion should not make people stupid or do ridiculous things. If there is any Indaboski Pahose, then, they are the ones who follow these people who peddle lies against God. Odumegu is not the Liquid Metal, the one who claimed that he drank tea with God is the real Liquid Metal.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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