This happened in 2015 and was published in the same year

This Street Evangelist after praying for a woman (a Christian) sighted me and said ” Bro, may I share the word of God with you?”. I answered, “sure, why not?”, I requested we go inside, he didn’t object.

The first thing he said was “can we pray? “… I answered “NO”. He gave me that “OMG” look. He asked why and I gave him in a comfortable answer so he wouldn’t think he’s in the wrong place at the right time!. I said “the way you may want to pray may not go along with my belief or would you say Amen if someone prays for you in the name of the devil?? He answered ” No”

He asked, “Do you need believe in God?”…Yes…” that the devil exists?”… Yes…” that God sent Jesus?”…Yes. “That Adam and Eve sinned?”…Yes!!!…”that Jesus came to die for our sins?”…….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I told him there’s no justice in Jesus dying for our sins, no one will die for the sins of another. Moreover, Jesus never claimed to die for our sins. He quoted John 1:29, where John claimed Jesus is the lamb who came to take away the sins of the world. I told him that if I claim someone is a king, you should have seen signs of kingship in such person or the person should have at any point in time called himself a king. Did Jesus claim to have come to die for our sins??? I don’t know if he forgot the verse where Jesus said so or the verse inside the Bibles.

He asked if I believe Jesus is my Lord and personal savior, I said no referring him to Isiah 43:10-13. I also told him that “IF I WERE TO CONSIDER A BIBLICAL FIGURE TO BE GOD, I WILL CHOSE NOAH”… If NOAH wasn’t righteous back then and God destroyed him with other people, who would Jesus come to die for???. What I found surprising is the way he switched to different topics after each question.

He asked, “DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS DIED?”…NO…” DO YOU BELIEVE HE ASCENDED TO HEAVEN??…. YES!!!. He then asked me to explain how Jesus went to heaven without dying… O answered, “if Enoch WAS NOT, if Elijah went to heaven without dying, if Melchizedek could be hibernating somewhere, why doesn’t it make sense to believe Jesus ascended to heaven without dying??…. His reply was ” OK”.

He also asked if I believe in the Trinity, I said no. He asked why and I told him Trinitarians in Jesus days used to steal (got this idea from an article I read). He was surprised and asked who. I told him if he doesn’t know trinitarian Christians who steal in Jesus’ days then he should tell me any trinitarian Christian that followed Jesus!!!…

He asked who God is to me and I said, HE is ONE, the ETERNAL, ABSOLUTE….. he interrupted and asked how is God absolute…….. By being Supreme……. how is he supreme?…… Because he’s a doer of whatever He wills and when He intends a thing, He says BE AND IT IS!!…

I asked him who is God and he said: “God IS A SPIRIT”. I asked him “IF GOD IS A SPIRIT, WHO CREATED SPIRITS?”…. he said my question is similar to asking who create God… I said ” Nay, Who created spirits if God is a spirit??? He said it’s as if I was asking who created God and I couldn’t help but give him the ‘O GAWD’ Look.

He went on to describe God as looking like him and vice versa. I said ‘oh, you look like God!, how about me?… He said we are created in God’s image. I told him the type of God he created for himself must be so handsome and yet terrible because he must look like an African, Chinese, Indian, American… He must have white, black, grey hair and he must be bald!… God’s got a genital too??

He said he has some other places to reach and we could meet some other time. It is 2020, I have not seen him in five years. His picture is the featured image of this article in case you know him.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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