Yousuf Deedat, son of the scholar of Comparative Da’wah, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, who was shot in his head earlier this week, has died

Controversial Durban Islamic scholar Yousuf Deedat, who was shot in the head outside the Verulam family court on Wednesday, has died.

His son, Raees said in a statement that Deedat died at St Anne’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg on Friday afternoon.

“Mr Deedat was wounded on Wednesday when he was shot by an unknown gunman in Verulam. “He was airlifted to hospital where his condition was critical. His family and friends were at his bedside when he passed away peacefully,” read the statement.

The details of the funeral were being finalised.

The police are still searching for the shooter.

Deedat was well known for his controversial views on Hinduism and Christianity.


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