In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.
Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and all his household.

Unfortunately in our today’s world virginity has become a valueless to our young women, it has been a nothing much than birthday , graduation and (A) result of exams gift in our current society. Where the early loss of virginity is pride but early married is crime, our sisters and our daughters are no more a shame of spend night with man that they don’t know who is he? Why did he came from? What is his health condition? All this questions are nothing but a little amount of money that they can’t make a week spending it or a worthless word like ” I love you” is enough for some of our sisters and daughters to give out their virginity to the man they don’t know who he is.

The condition that made our youth today feel no more interest in marriage rather than to make girlfriend because they feel what you need from your wife, your girlfriend can do the same to you, today our young ladies have made their self worthless and valueless to the extent that they are nothing much more than a boots that a man can wear, any type, any color and any size at anytime and at any moment.
What make the loss of virginity?
Most at times when this question is asked, people draw their mind on the breakage of the pure hymen that seal the purity of a noble woman. The factual fact is, being a virgin goes beyond just breakage of the hymen, it is more of holiness in various aspect of a woman. Be a true virgin as like that of Maryam peace be upon her and sacred will be your name.

Many women are so ignorant about what Allah has given them with, the gift of virginity. Adam may Allah’s peace be on him prayed for such a long period for the Almighty to grant him the pure Hawa. She was a virgin to Adam and he really really cherished her for he needed her in her life. Virginity is a gift for you women so keep the gift safe.

The breaking of the virginity is not something done on a silver platter, it is so so special that it has to pass through a sequence of pure ceremony before it can be broken under the pleasure of Allah. Why do you allow it to be broken just like that? Under the shadow of shaytan? May Allah protect us.

Virginity comes with purity! Do you understand why Allah said to respect the womb that bore you? He mentioned it with He being worship alone. The gateway of the womb is through the sacred hymen and it can be broken only when it is through sex. keep it safe and Make it halal dear sisters of mine.

Virginity is not just keeping the hymen safe because there are people who are virgin even though their hymen is broken. Virginity is by preventing your self into anything that will cause your virginity to be broken through haram means. It is a trust given to you so keep that trust for that man who will wed you into the sacred matrimony. Keep the virginity holy.

Today, the most used thing on the face of the earth in a most disgraceful way is virginity. The world has become like a sex world with everything drawing people to Zina. Now women are cheap that you make no effort but you will get them. Where is the honour that we learn from the virgin Mary? Where is the lesson we learn from their purity and chastity? Where is the lesson we learn from Ayisha Allah be please with her? Allahu Akbar.

Our women play with their life as if it is something so cheap yet that is the same play that make them regret again and again. We see our young sisters get pregnant every now and then yet we always repeat their mistake. What kind of mind do we have? At least respect the temple of God that is in you! You are in fact a womb that will bore servants of Allah. Wise up!

Breaking of virginity does not just go on but it follows a set of process. Have you now know how it just began? You must know! Young ladies are adamant when you advice them to stay away from relationship they think you are disturbing them. I wonder the kind of generation we are in now. Keep your virginity safe for Allah and then for him you marry.

You may see your self in environment that always call you to zina but you will do yourself good by obeying the rules of Allah and abstaining from Zina. Avoid all the steps of Zina and you will do your self good. Zina has so many gates when you open the first door, that is the end of you. Beware and keep that virginity safe for that is your sign of purity.

May Allah protect us from Shaytan’s tricks and protect all our Muslims sisters round the globe. Ameen.



Ahmad Bukar
[email protected]


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