(…as ACADIP crushes the Siege of Spiritual Canvassers)

Allahu Akbar !!!
Allahu Akbar !!!

It was not less than Eighty-two (82) Christians and a “Free-thinker” that publicly embraced Islam at the 2-Day Open-Air Lecture, held November 17th & 18th, 2017 in Modakeke, Osun State. “Yorùbá bọ, wọ́n ní, bí’rọ́ ba lọ lógún ọdún, ọjọ́ kan ni òtítọ́ yóò ba…” Modakẹkẹ stood still for these two Great Nights. The Nights of Revelations, The Nights of Decision, The Nights of Liberation !!!

In the history of ACADIP’s twenty-three (23) years of Public Preachings, we have never witnessed this type of Tremendous and Monumental Reversion to Islam in two nights. “Kò ṣẹlẹ̀ rí ooo” It was a “Massive Exodus” from Christiandom! Hardly could our 16-feet by 42-feet Stage contain these “Sincere Seekers of Truth” when they were receiving the Kalimatu Shaa’dah.

For over an hour, it was Conversion Galore. Haaa… “Ìlú Modakẹkẹ mì tìtì, Gbangba dẹkùn, kedere bẹ́ẹ̀ wò…” And, to Allah be the Glory, the number of new REVERTS to Islam during this November-December Lecture Series has increased to One Hundred and Twenty-four (124). Alimosho- 29, Ibadan- 13, Modakeke- 82.
Allahu Akbar !!!

Meanwhile, ACADIP TRAIN OF SALVATION has arrived ONDO STATE for another 2-Day Public Lecture, tagged, BEFORE YOUR SHADOW FALLS. “Ẹ̀yin ará Ìpínlẹ̀ Òndó, ìmọ́lẹ̀ dé, Òkùnkùn paradà…” Kindly invite your Family, Neighbours, Friends and Non-Muslims… Akúrẹ́ Oloyemẹkun, E kú àmójúbà ACADIP NIGERIA…

SPEAKERs: Mallam Yusuf Adepoju (Chief Lecturer, ACADIP NIGERIA) & Other Notable Preachers.

DATEs: Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd of December, 2017.

VENUE: M.K.O Abiola Democracy Park, Behind Akure Central Mosque, Akure, Ondo State.

TIME: 9pm till Dawn Daily.

Questions relating to Salvation would be allowed from Non-Muslims.



You can listen to the One Minute Jingle Below.



Kindly watch the Mass Conversion below.




ACADIP Nigeria… Uncovering their cover-ups.





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