Journey to Islam
Encounter on journey to Islam

If the Southern wind blows on your face,
The inner mind takes and feel the enjoyment of the vibration,
This is the blow of our Creator,
Build the wall of love,
Destroy the separation of the earth,
Look for others and spread the words of wisdom,
Words of God almighty,
Fountain of wisdom,
The beginning of knowledge,
Love is the beginning of all,
Allah is al-Wadud,
City of Andalusia is destroyed,
But lives in the hearts of those who have knowledge,
Wake curiosity of others,
History will only be learned by experience,
Open the door of Andalusia,
Amaze with the coast without sea,
But the wisdom of knowledge,
Morning with no darkness,
Night without dawn,
Seville, Granada, and Malaga,
A thousand and one view of a sight.

“I am a Master of my own words and God is the Master of my Soul.”

Open the of Andalusia.
~Ameen Olorunnimbe©️29th.


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