Yearly, we have thousands of students graduating from different universities. With the numbers of educated people in the world today coupled with advancement in Science and technology, one would think that commonsense should not be scarce. Unfortunately, reverse is the case as commonsense seems to be expensive and rare in our society today.


Not long ago, a notorious kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans was arrested. The kidnapped confessed to heinous crimes against humanity even requesting for a random of $1 Million which he got.


Few days ago, some Nigerians have taken to social media to ask for the real release of Evans, the kidnapper using the hashtag “#freeevans”. Anyone seeing the hashtag for a the first time will definitely take it for a joke until it is proven to be true that the agitation is serious.


According to these agitators for the release of Evans, since the senate president, Dr Bukola Saraki could win his court case then Evans should be set free. They believe that the senate president is corrupt beyond being vindicated hence such alleged corrupt system cannot try Evans the kidnapper. Therefore Evans should be set free.


After a careful study, I discovered Nigerian Christians and Muslims are behind this agitation.


Are they true Nigerians? 

NO!!! No sane citizen of Nigeria will ask for the release of a criminal. Their claim that the senate president is too corrupt to have won his  court case so Evans should be freed is preposterous.


There is nowhere that the constitution of the country says a criminal must be freed by the influence of the freeing of an alleged corrupt individual that was proven innocent by the court of law. If anyone believes the senate president was not properly tried, then they should improperly try Evans too. It is erroneous to call Evans a common citizen, he is a successful kidnapper and a billionaire to say.



This is not an attempt to defend or condemn any individual. Bukola Saraki is different from Evans, if Saraki did it as they said, let Evans also do it instead of shamelessly asking for his release.



Are they true Christians?


No!!! The Bible says in Exodus 21:16;


“Anyone who kidnaps someone is to be put to death, whether the victim has been sold or is still in the kidnapper’s possession”


If we were to use the Bible as a standard to judge Evans, he should be killed. Many people lay claim to religion today yet they don’t practice any bit of it. These people want Evans freed because some alleged criminals are walking around freely.


The Bible is clear that no one shall be responsible for the sins of another. Let’s read,


Deuteronomy 24:16


The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them.”


The verse is very vivid and explanatory. Saraki and the likes shall not be dragged into Evans’ case and vice versa.

Evans can be free if he is innocent of the charges against him and the confessions he made against himself.



Are they true Muslims? No!!! 


As a Muslim, I have always kicked against fellow Muslims when it comes to being overly sensational and overreacting. As humans, we are bound to be furious and saddened at what we think should be done the right way but goes the other way round. Allowing our emotions and frustrations to affect our sense of judgement should be curbed. We should not lose the Muslim in us when addressing issues.


It is in the interest of every Muslim to study the Qur’an and Sunnah with the understanding of the pious predecessors hence we would be causing more harm than good with our judgments.


Any Muslim that thinks Evans should be released should provide a verse from the Qur’an or any hadith or any scholar in Islam that says it is permissible for someone to be responsible for the sins of another.


If an alleged senate president was allegedly freed via a kangaroo court, that is fitnah. A Muslim should not help in spreading fitnah by encouraging fitnah because fitnah is already existing. True Muslims are those who try as much as possible to eradicate or curb fitnah not encouraging it.


It is a total ignorance about Islam that would make a Muslim ask for the release of a criminal, an  evil person because another alleged criminal was allegedly released.


Evans started kidnapping due to bad governance! 


What nonsense!!! Most of those who perpetrate evil acts blame it on the government. While it is true that the  government shares a part of the blame, it is not enough reason to justify crime against a fellow man.


About two months ago, my phone was snatched by “men of fate”. Nowadays, when I lay on the bed doing something on my phone, I feel as if someone is coming to snatch it. One can then imagine the psychological effect/mental torture of being kidnapped apart from the inhumane treatment.


To most of us, the government has  not been fair. Should we all take to crime then justifying it by the negligence of the government? If we all start kidnapping, in fact, Evans himself would be kidnapped till a man will kidnap himself. Crime against humanity especially in this regard should not be justified.



To the federal government


Many families are out there seeking justice. Many kidnappers are out there that need to be taught indirect lessons using Evans as a scapegoat. Whatever needs to be done to cast fear into the hearts of kidnappers out there should be done using Evans.


The tears of his victims seek justice. The masses want you to tell them the law knows no billionaire. The judiciary is already labeled to be bias when it comes to the rich and the poor. Here is a chance to redeem that name, to prove that justice for one is justice for all.



The likes of Evans do not deserve to live among humans. The Nigeria police force is highly commended for efforts exerted in a bid to bring peace to the society and making the nation a safe place to live.


It is not found in the constitution of our great nation that the sons shall bear the sins of the father. Responsible Nigerians seek that the children of Evans should be kept out of this and the general public should refrain from posting their pictures in social media except they are suspects or proved to be his accomplice.

On a last note, if I happen to be in authority, I will declare Evans free, wait for those that will come and jubilate with him then order for the arrest of all of them.


Towards a better Nigeria…


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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