It is no doubt that there are different people with different beliefs and these people all have certain personalities they revere to the extent that some of these personalities are taken as deities being worshipped, directly or indirectly. These personalities may include Prophets, heroes, men and women of virtuous histories or bravery. The love and respect that which their followers have for them made them earn these levels of reverence during their lifetime and/or after, while some of them were not as revered as after their living, when they were alive.


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These reverence, hence took different shapes ranging from partisanship, to worshipping directly or indirectly. As for those who are just being partisan, there may be no much problems with them unlike those who worship these personalities.

These acclaimed extreme love and respect for these ‘deities’ have now taken turns of trickery on their worshippers. One of the commonest and reigning trick is the appearance of Jesus Christ, his mother (from the Christian angle) and Sheikh Ibrahim Niyas (from the Muslim angle) on walls of buildings, formation by the cloud, etc. It should not be of any surprise that these sets of people are faced with this form of trial as they have outrightly disobeyed the One and only Creator and Deity worthy to be worshipped as it was stated clearly in both religious books (Bible and the Glorious Quran) to believe in the oneness and worship of God alone. In Quran 51:56, Allah clearly stated why He has created man and jinn(demons), which is to worship Him alone. There are other verses of the Quran that also state and warn believers from associating partners with God. Deuteronomy 6:4-5 clearly states the oneness of God. In the book of Mark, 12:28-34, Jesus was asked and he answered that God is one, and He (God) should be loved with all the heart, understanding, etc. He never said “I am God. Worship me” In the book of Revelation, chapters 19:10 and 22:9, enjoined people to worship God. Stories have changed after these messages were delivered.




There came, and will continue to come scholars, great or small who will continue to explain the religious obligations to people. One of those whom have passed was Sheikh Ibrahim Niyas who was known with knowledge of Islam and people did gather around him to learn. Highly respected was he when he was alive, only to be worshipped after his demise by his later and present days followers. Thence, this is where a form of shenanigan came into their way by the jinn(demons), by toying with their reasoning and making them believe that this great man could appear to them again and is reappearing in different places, most (or even all) of which are on walls of either abandoned or uncompleted buildings.


As the assumption of Niyas’ apparition may be explained because there were people who lived with him and might take his pictures/drawings when he was alive, it is yet to be established, the apparition of Mother Mary and his son, Jesus (peace be upon them) as there are/were no pictorial records of them. Whose pictures or images then are those reappearing on these walls and clouds?

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The pictures of whom are used in churches and other places (which are supposedly the reappeared images) are unarguably pictures of actors and actresses of movies who acted Mary and Jesus in movies.

Talking about Jesus, there are not less than 15 different actors who acted Jesus in movies, the first being Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings (1961) but the commonest, whose picture is mostly and widely used is Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth (1977) and who has taken to the media to cry out to go against using his picture. He said “I never cease to say and I repeat it to the world since 1977. I am not Jesus Christ, I am just an actor and British comedian. I am tired of seeing my photos displayed in places of worship and other places for worship. I just make a film for a living. Burn my picture and worship the only God in truth ! I am just an actor… “. If Robert said this, and Jeffrey was the first actor who acted Jesus but his picture is not even used, whose picture/portrait/statue did the earlier Christians use? Didn’t they worship at all?


Was and is there any need to worship with images? Alas! Those who worship Allah alone do not need to see Him or have any image of Him before worshipping Him. Worshipping other than Him has undoubtedly brought this baseless and confusing lifestyle upon these people.

It should not be left unexplained and be brought to realization that these acclaimed images seen on the walls are just wet patches formed by moisture or water from the ground of the buildings or from rain; a silhouette.  They are ordinary patches and do not, in any way look like human faces or images, let alone those whom are associated with them.


Moreover, the cloud forms different images which may or may not even be what those who see the images think they are, and these formations by the cloud are yet to be scientifically established or explained just like the Unidentifiable Flying Objects (UFO). Even the birth of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is yet to be scientifically explained.

It is also unarguable that many of these pastors and acclaimed Imams in this category, take some of these jinns as messengers to accomplish their works of magic and sorcery. These demons are being incorporated and sent to make someone of gullible mind to see these formations and patches as apparition and thence, is spread to other gullible minds and they all go to these places to worship till these wetness dry off.


Thus, apparition of people are mere misconceived shenanigans either played by masterminds of these religious sects and/or gullibility of people who believe in these shenanigans.

  • -Hamida Adham





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