CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS – Live A Purpose-driven Life With KnowIslam Project
The KnowIslam Project is calling for volunteers to advance the cause of Islam and prepare them for a better future in their careers. We seek young single Muslims and Muslimahs willing to work with us to further promote our various Islamic activities.
We need writers, debaters on comparative religion, graphic designers, video editors, IT specialists, and Social Media/Digital Marketing experts. Those with basic knowledge of these can be developed by our group of existing volunteers.
Interested volunteers should send an email to: [email protected]
or Whatsapp: +2347015779491, ++971 58 302 8214
Established in 2016, The KnowIslam Project is an International Islamic Organization solely for Islamic Affairs. Its Da’wah-minded members strive daily in propagating Islam and most importantly, correct the many misleading broadcast contents about the Deen around the world. We serve as a voice for Islam and Muslims by joining in Hijab struggles, giving reports of oppressions against Muslims all over the world, telling the Muslim story in a proper way that the mainstream media will not, and providing support to various Muslim organizations
Our website (download the ‘Know Islam’ app on the Google Playstore) is home to the largest collection of Islamic content on ‘Aqeedah, Comparative Religion, Islamic Poetry, Da’wah Kit, and news reports on Islam. We act as checks and balances for the Islamophobes, Evangelists, Christian apologists, Atheists, Freethinkers, and agnostics who are ever ready to attack Islam. Our rebuttal and comparative religion section is the right place for anyone looking for explanations to acclaimed contradictions of the Qur’an, misinterpreted Hadeeth, and Qur’an verses.
We also provide support to Reverts to Islam as well Muslims in dire need through our Fundraising campaigns.
We are, “Know Islam” on Facebook, KnowIslam Official on YouTube, and @knowislamNG on Twitter – Follow us.
Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman for the KnowIslam Project.


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