A: How fast doth time travel!

Time; that it can be reversed!

How soon have you grown!!!

Your tender bones now strong like Hercules’

Dazed and surprised, I am!

But for your eye and this`feeling, to believe you are mine would be… DIFFICULT




B:   Indeed, it should flabbergast you!

For how long was I your child?

and how long have I been your son?



Can anyone explain what this poem is about? The first to get it right wins 5,000 naira in cash. Please, drop your answers in the comment section. This challenge ends in four days…


  1. I think it’s a poem about a father and his son who parted ways due to a religious difference or something of much importance.

    The father is surprised to see how grown yet different his grown son is now
    The son is asks for how long he was his son which can be interpreted to mean that for how long were they alike in their ideology/religion or something of great importance .

    My thought

  2. A : It is a conversation from a Father to his son.

    The Poet portrays the son as someone who left his fatherland to another place or probably got lost.

    He happened to find his way back home but he’s now heavily built and a lot has changed in him.

    His father was surprised and would have denied him due to his physique if not that he had the same eyes as that of his father and his father is also having a feeling deep down his heart that he is really his son.

    B : The son replied the father’s message by telling him that his physique should actually surprised him cos he never left home that same way.
    He then put a question to him that :

    “For how long was I your child” – Meaning : How old was he when he left home or got lost?

    And He asked again that :

    “And how long have I been your son” – Meaning that “He’s asking his father whether for all the years he has left home or got lost, does his father still have him at heart as to whether He’s expecting him back home or not?

  3. This is a conversation between a child and one of his parent. . The first speaker A was suprised about the geometric growth rate of his/her son hence the comparism

    But the son ‘B’ gave him the reason not to be surprised because time travel very fast

  4. Explanation:
    The poem was dedicated to ramadan and lailatul qadri Ramadan is about to end everyone wishes it still stay saround We wished we start another one soon everyone remember their creator (Allah) in the middle of the night by praying qiyamul Layl while they use the morning for sawm(Fast) to believe we would be rewarded is hard but we would certainly have it in the hereafter.
    Telling the world when one starts to observe sawm and imagining when one would be opportuined to succeed in the last one.

  5. Like a parent
    Seeing the son with surprise
    & wondering how time gas passed & how he’s grown

    *but for your eye & this feeling, to believe you’re mine is difficult*

    This I think means he’s turned arrogant
    Like she can’t believe what he’s turned to
    I think it also means
    For people to believe she gave birth to him might be difficult
    Due to what’s changed in him

    In his arrogance
    He said to the parent
    That he/she should be surprised
    For to him the person hasn’t been his parent
    & to the person he hasn’t also been a son

    Seems like a son that has been disowned

    From my little thinking

  6. The poem is about ramadan. The transformation ramadan has brought to our physical and spiritual life. Line 1 to line 3 express his surprise on hour time tick without waiting for to one.
    Due to the effects of ramadan , the addressee is seen to have reached a spiritual height unimaginable; hence” his tender bones has grown like hercules” The last stanza of the poem seems to child the imaginary addressee aboutxhow ramadan has been with him,how he had days to reap the blessings of ramadan but did not make use of it…..
    The poet is trying to lampoon those whom did not try enough to maximise the benefits of ramadan. Hereby,reminding that ramadan is on a month out of a year and when it’s gone one just have to wait for the following year which might not occur.

    The poet


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