When Reno Omokri made this post a day before yesterday and Prince A Irabor proudly shared it all in the desperate attempt to nail Pantami to the cross, I tried as much as possible to ignore, but I just can’t. The ignorance and lack of understanding of basics is just shameful.

Everytime you get into a debate or any kind of conversation with a Christian and you corner them, they end up accusing you of using Taqiyya. When you ask them what Taqiyya is, you go about defining it as an “Islamic Doctrine” of “Religious Dissimulation”. In case you do not know, dissimulation in English is defined as :

concealment of one’s thoughts, feelings, or character; PRETENSE (keep the word in capital in mind).

In The Book of Genesis Chapter 20 Verses 1-16, we find Abraham, our father in faith “dissimulating” to King Abimelek that Sarah was his sister but not his wife. The reason for this “dissimulation” is that he was afraid that the King would kill him if he knew that Sarah was his wife.

In the same manner, in Islam, it is allowed for example if asked if you are a Muslim at gun point, such that if your answer is “YES” you will be shot dead, that you may lie in order to save yourself. At the same time it is allowed for you to stand your ground and say “YES I AM A MUSLIM” even in the presence of death, and if you die bravely in the course of Allah, you get your reward with Allah. As you can see, these are options given such that if you are not brave enough to die in such situations, you could save yourself, but if you can stand it, well, be our guest. This has no name in the Sunni school of thought, neither is it a doctrine and it is the same as one eating pork even though it is prohibited when one is starving but if you still can’t, then it’s still ok. If you are traveling in a taxi and you are stopped by angry Birom Christian Youths or IPOB Christian youths hungry to kill Muslims, you can lie that your name is John instead of Jamal, if you can handle them, you can fight till the death, no problem.

This shows that Islam is very practical in understanding human nature. No be everybody get liver. Even during the days of the Prophet, while many slaves where hiding the fact that they were Muslims in fear because they would be killed if found out, Bilaal openly declared he was a Muslim, and even as they lashed him, lay him on his bare back in the hot desert sand with a hot rock on his chest, gradually crushing him to death, he kept saying “One God”, which really pissed the Kuffar off really.

Despite all these, we do not have a term even in Islamic Jurisprudence called “Taqiyya”. But the Shi’a do have it. As a matter of fact, the Shi’a have it as a doctrine such that refusing Taqiyya to them is like refusing to Pray Salah or Fast, as far as they are concerned if you do not do Taqiyya, you are no longer in their religion. So how does it work in Shi’a? Here is how it works:

When Zakzaki initially started his religion in Nigeria, what he told us was that they are “Muslim Brotherhood”. Which is a lie. The Shi’a are nothing close to the Muslim Brotherhood which is a Muslim organisation founded in Egypt to fight against the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Zionists. This lie by Mr Zakzaki made many Muslim youths become Shi’a without knowing until later on. Again, I grew up with Shi’a but I never knew that they celebrate Christmas until about two years ago, I have known them for more than 20 years. They never tell you, they just slip away to the Church, clap, dance and come back. This year, I came to also know that they also celebrate the resurrection of the Biblical Jesus. These automatically disqualifies them as Muslims.

So I am a bit surprised that a gentleman like Reno Omokri, who prides himself on knowing Islam not understanding these obvious facts, and states that Taqiyya is a Muslim doctrine. It is like me saying that Christians belive that Jesus and the Devil are brothers. Even Muslims will not belive me, but actually, a Christian Sect called Mormons hold this belive. See what I mean?

Finally, Muslims do not decieve people in preaching, it is the Shi’a and the Christians who actually do. I have given you an example of how the Shi’a do it, let me show you how Christians do it.

When Christian missionaries landed on the shores of Papua New Guinea, seeing that the most loved food there is sweet potatoes, they started teaching how Jesus is the “Sweet potatoes” of life as opposed to the “Bread” of life. This is not only a lie, it is broad daylight deception. But wait, there is more.

In the Bible, we have this verse:
‘When the WINE was all gone, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no more WINE” ‘ John 2:3

Translating this to Hausa, the Christians said:
Da RUWAN INABI ya gaza, uwar Yesu tace masa, “Ba su da sauran RUWAN INABI”‘ Yahya 2:3

In all majestic glory, wine = ruwan inabi. In order to understand this, we need to break this down.

Ruwa = water
Inabi = Grapes

If you hand a glass of liquid to a typical Hausa man, and tell him it is ruwan inabi, the first thing that will come to his mind is that you got some grapes, mashed and squeezed its liquid into the glass, which of course is grape juice. But we all know that wine ain’t not grape juice.

The dilemma the missionary had in Hausa land was that you cannot say that God, or a Prophet of God turned water into wine, because wine, bear or anything alcoholic in known as GIYA. If you start preaching that :

‘Da GIYA ya gaza, uwar Yesu tace masa, “Ba su da sauran GIYA” ‘ Yahya 2:3

Nobody will listen to you. Hence wine turned into grape juice in the Hausa Bible.

Further more, if you stop any random Hausa dude or ‘dudess’ on the street and ask them if they know what ruwan inabi is, you will be met with a look of confusion on their faces because:

1) Grapes are not common in Hausa land until very recently, which makes them very expensive unless it is now being grown in Hausa land which will bring the price down. And for that reason, it does not have a Hausa name, the name inabi is actually Arabic, inab.

2) Hausa’s are not much into the business of making juice. If you go into any typical Hausa setting, all fruits are eaten. Oranges are squeezed directly into the mouth, mangoes are eaten and so on.

So the concept of juice in itself is foreign in a typical Hausa setting, so handing a glass of liquid to a Hausa man and telling him it is ‘Grape Water’ is criminally deceptive, especially since there is a 99.9% probability that he is a Muslim.

Alcohol is central to Christian rituals just as water is central to Muslim rituals. Christians use wine to denote the Blood of Jesus especially in their Holy Communion ritual, where it is dropped into your mouth, and you line up for it. If you deep a needle into a barrel of alcohol and give it to a Muslim, he will throw it away and never use it to stitch any of his clothes.

So this hypocrisy is not a Muslim Tradition, but rather a Christian and Shi’a tradition.

Hamid Al-Hassan Hamid


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