As-salaam ‘alaykum warahmatuLlahi wabarakatuhu,

Yesterday, I published an article titled, “Beware of Aboo Aamir and Simplysalafiyya[dot]com”. Calls and messages from noble and respected persons had followed the article asking to look at the method of refutation and criticism if it is in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah as understood and practiced by the pious predecessors.

After a careful review of the article and circumstances surrounding it, I asked Allah to forgive where I have erred and I wish to state that I do not encourage nor do I approve of such methodology of refutation, correction, and criticism. I have pulled down the article from our website. Those who shared the earlier publication should kindly share this as well.


That said, I called Aboo Aamir before publishing the article to discuss the issue of the Niqobite Sister who was interviewed by the BBC in an attempt to promote her work and show the world that Niqabites are intelligent and humans. Aboo Aamir had, since the video was published, resorted to negative and destructive criticism hitting so hard on the sister’s personality and called the video evil. Our discussion was fruitless as he called it a war between the truth and falsehood. I called him before the article, something he does not do before criticizing.

This manner of negative and destructive criticism did not start today. In an article he once wrote which he titled, ” A message for Muslim Bible Warriors”, he did not contact those involved before he went on to write on what he had no idea about. He wrote;

“There is that morbid competition of who can win more Christians between the Osun-Ondo axis of Muslim Bible Warriors of the ACADIP calling Jamiu Adegunwa’s Risaalatul-Haqq (that apparently takes after Ahmed Deedat’s Izharul-Haqq) bloc based in Lagos – the avowed centre of everything in Nigeria including craziness.”

“But all of them – the Yusuf group and Risaalatul –Haqq – have many things in common: they all seek to win as many Christians as possible to Islam. Thus banking on numbers of converts has become a selling tag of recent. Four hundred people embraced Islam in Ibadan, seventy in Modakeke, one hundred in Akure, etc, are the sprawling headlines on their several media outlets.”

” The crux however is the fact that they give little or no attention to the Islamic learning. The converts they make are made to follow them about in selling their wares. They don’t encourage them to go in the path of learning.”


These baseless accusations have been refuted here: Rejoinder to A Message for the Muslim Bible Warriors. About the Sister who was interviewed by the BBC, Aboo Aamir’s reaction to the video has shown the thuggery version of Salafiyyah he professes. It should be understood that Salafiyyah is no one’s property, hence, the monopolization of Salafiyyah is nothing but an illusion. It is encouraged that Muslims seek proper knowledge and not draw a conclusion based on the excesses and extremism of a fraction of the creed.

Yesterday, I put a call through to Sister Aaminah Adegoke, the Niqabite to tell her how the majority of Muslims are proud of her and she should not mind some inconsequential and lousy group of extremists. Mallam Yusuf Adepoju also spoke with her to encourage her and how happy sensible Muslims are. He, Mallam Yusuf went on to tell her that such video is important at a time when people who wear the Niqab are given negative labels and tags. The sister had made a clarification which for us, is sufficient.

Let me also reiterate my stance that Aboo Aamir does not represent Salafiyyah and his website, simplysalafiyyah[dot]com has nothing to do with Salafiyyah. It is expected that those who share the same ideology with him will come up with something. Muslims should know that they are just a minority and a fraction whose opinions are inconsequential. They do not represent Salafiyyah as a whole and they have issues with a reasonable number of Salafi Scholars.

While I do not encourage my earlier method of criticism that was full of emotions (unusual), it should be understood that we will not be bullied by a thuggery form of Salafiyyah especially when it is a disadvantage to Islam. Also, many people are not privileged to know what form of Salafiyyah Aboo Aamir practices, thus, becoming sympathizers. We have warned against him and we have proper knowledge of what and who we are warning against. It is a matter of time before we are proven to be right.

I have asked that my Rabb forgive my excesses in the first publication and may Allah reward those who called my attention to the fact that our method of Da’wah is not of thuggery or destruction. Aameen.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


Watch Video: Beware of Aboo Aamir and



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