He proposed marriage to her. The radiant lady accepted the cute suitor for a life partner. The duo kept their imam in the know of their bond and were duly fed with diets needed to stay pious especially with regards to refraining from zina and hastening up solemnization.

In a short while, the man informed the imam that the relationship had been laid to grave for reasons best known to him.

Later on, the lady requested to have a talk with the imam. She was granted audience and various issues were raised, but the one that is of concern in the foregoing has to do with the man’s alleged sexual advances at her. The lady informed of how her ex could have had carnal knowledge of her if not for her dogged, tenacious refusal. She told the imam never to fall for the holier-than-thou pretense displayed by the man. She furthered her narration stating unequivocally that the man was a serial Casanova. Hmm!

If the tale were true as chronologicalized, the lady like the man – had no good case. How would a man have the guts to attempt to bed a would-be wife if she had not stupidly, cheaply acted the shaytan’s script too? Premarital relationship isn’t inclusive of seclusion with each other. That’s haram! And it is nothing but a clear path to fornication and/or adultery. If the man was truly a Casanova, the lady shouldn’t have allowed him bear the name on her. No road should have been paved for such anomaly to happen.

Many of us are guilty of seclusion with our would-be spouses. Some ladies are so foolish that nights are even passed with their would-be husbands. What pattern would their sleep take? Face opposing directions on the same bed? Or one uses the bed, and the other the floor? That’s arrant nonsense! I think it makes no sense for a lady who does all these with her would-be man to complain of sexual advances. They are both birds of the same feather! No man whose system works effectively would not get aroused in such a situation. That’s why avoidance is key, and it is the only way to go.


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