Don’t read; Feel

I refuse to be poor so I can reach out to the poor!!. 

Golden cars in UAE! 

Towers in Qatar 

The rich man in his private jet whereas the old blind beggar can’t afford to get a stick 

The small boy says,”dad,I want meat not fish”… yet some children have nothing to eat.. 

Death!,how merciful…the poor man smiles knowing he will die as a rich man dies 

My friend, who’s there to help us? 

My friend, I have only one shoe, wear it out while I wait even though it sizes you not 

Friend, we are alone but not lonely 

Take my only cloth,  wear it while I stay here till you come back! 

Friend, we will not corrupt ourselves with lying 

Neither stealing 

For in our honesty and sincerity,we are rich.. 

We can endure the cold 

We can endure the sun 

My friend,we can endure the mosquitoes 

But we can’t endure HUNGER 

How awful to die of hunger 

The pangs, hmmmmm 

A poor man does not mandate you buy him car 

Neither house nor cloth 

How much grateful will a poor man be to be fed! 

HUNGER, a sorrow to the heart. 

When hungry, a poor man tastes wood, if it is eatable 

Would not stop even trying to eat his clothe 

My friend, who sees our condition?? 

They killed our friends… 

Friend,forgive me if I die before you 

Because much sorrow and loneliness will I bring to you 

Friend, I can’t bear the grief to see you by my side no more

How I wish I go before you…. 

The world where I find myself is mysterious 

I have seen and still seeing and will still see 

I saw enough sadness and it makes me a want-wit 

In my sorrow has my head grown older than my life in this world. 

Friend, in this world, I see the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer 

In this world, the daily bread of a poor man lies in the trash bin of a rich man 

In this world, I can see wickedness!,wickedness!! 

My fellow humans have grown so wicked to have invented the NUCLEAR WEAPON! 

In this world, some people don’t wanna die but they don’t value our lives!! 

Friend! Friend!! Friend!!! Wake up, wake up! 

We can merry in our pains, not in our hunger!! 

Death! what an equalizer!! 

Death! The hope of an hopeless man and the fear of the rich 

Who cares for us?? 

Who remembers us?? 

You, you’re my friend! 

Tomorrow, who knows it?? 

As for we, even in our wants, we will reach out to our friends!! 

My friend,vmy friend, where are you?? 

Let us laugh and merry because our sorrow availeth nothing!! 

They giggle, they laugh 

Enough to eat, the proceeds of untruthfulness…

We are hungry, they turned us to death tests… 

Indeed,this world, our world has gone crazy.. 

Peace elude our world…

Where’s the peace? The equality?Anyone found them?? 

My friend, I am your friend. 

Black, white,ctan etc we are friends!! 

How magical? All blood flows red.
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