hen we mention their names, we say “May Allah be pleased with them”.

They were neither Nabih nor Rosulullah but were wives, Mothers, Sisters who worked in the most respectable and appreciable ways of Allah.

They were of huge support and pillar to their husbands.

They respect, support and were very submissive to their husbands.

How difficult would it have been if… If what? if the wives of most Prophets were not supporting them in their quest and ways of calling people to the towards Allah?




Asiya whose husband was Pharaoh are few examples.

What kind of a woman are you?

What kind of a wife are you vying to be?

A home builder or a home destroyer?

How many of our Sisters in Islam are making attempt to match the status of these pious women?

A good woman is expected to possess the ability to put the direction and guidance she gets from Allah and her husband, who is the head of the home in building the home to be a peaceful loving place every member of the family is glad to come to, and not a war zone that the husband stays away from or kids do not want to return to after school.

Stop suspecting your husbands or spouse unnecessary.

It won’t serve you any good.

A good woman RESPECTS her husband, respect him.

A good wife shares her husband’s interests, try to understand him and show utmost empathy.

A good wife is always APPRECIATIVE, be contented with what he can afford.

A good wife is a COMMUNICATOR. Where are the skills you need to grab the body language of your husband even when he didn’t voice out?

A good woman PRAYS. very important. It is unfortunate that many of our Sisters are only good online, in reality, only Allah knows the last time they pick up Al-Qur’an to read, reflect, meditate and ponder.

How then can they get better in Deen and draw closer to Allah?

How then can they assist their husbands spiritually?

How then can they improve the standard of Taqwah in their Children?

Dear respected single Brothers in islam , who are single, we need serious Duah; that Allah should bless us with a religious, understanding and respectful wife that will make our home a peaceful one.

May Almighty Allah grant us with right spouse among the pious ones….. Ameen



Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emmanuel @ Knowislam.com.ng.

Assalamualaikumu Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh


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