It was recently reported that Reinhard Bonnke, the founder of Christ for all nations (CFAN), underwent a surgery and called for prayers.

The 79-year-old German Evangelist had a surgery performed on his right femur and according to him, he needs to learn to walk again.

Reinhard Bonnke is best known for his missionary exploits in Africa. he successfully misguided, deceived, brainwashed and misled many Africans, Muslims inclusive. In his open-air crusades, he claimes to have opened the eyes of the blind, make the lame walk and many others. Unfortunately, he cannot perform the same miracle on himself.

It is 2019, yet, Christians in Africa still remain gullible. We keep telling them to pay attention to how they have been programmed. The pastor seems to have a heavenly solution to his member’s problems but not the same for himself.

While the sick Pastor goes to the hospital, flies oversea to get the best medical attention, the sick member is given prayer points, anointing oil or asked to go on the mountain to pray. If the member is lucky that he only needs an exercise, then, he gets well after the mountain climbing exercise.

The Pastor continues to live large on the tithes paid by the members but the member that needs financial assistance needs intense fasting and prayer. Who would imagine that the renowned Reinhard Bonnke would be needing to go to a hospital in his lifetime?

This article is not to mock the evangelist but to call the Christians to reason. Sickness and calamities are natural phenomena. They exist and bound to happen. Thus, one who needs to go to the hospital should go and not look up to a so-called man of God for miracles.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman