What is our project in life,

What are we going to present to Allah to grant us Jannah?


Have we ever thought about where we are going to be tomorrow?

Have we ever thought of what will happen to us in d next 24hrs?

Even though we are all praying to meet in Jannah.


There are so many Muslims who are dead and they are now in the grave.

They are now seeing the reality of the hereafter,

Wishing somebody will build for them a WELL, an ORPHANAGE, a MOSQUE or give sadaqah on their behalf.


Let us not be like people who wait for others to build their akhira.

Let us begin the construction of our hereafter now.


No one can build a house for you in Jannah, but u alone .

How are we going to justify ourselves in front of Allah for Jannah?

What are we going to present to d creator to grant us Jannah?

Ask yourself dear ummah, is it;

I am a PhD holder

I am a medical doctor

I am a mother

I am a student

I am a lawyer

I am a writer??


How do I prepare for the HEREAFTER bearing in mind my circumstances?


Bearing in mind that one day our precious body will be helpless when moved to the grave.


Nothing! absolutely nothing will stay,


Except for our good deeds.


Let us begin to Strategise from now.



Nafysah @.Knowislam.com.ng.



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