There have always been complaints by Islamic scholars and teachers of religion that half-nakedness in sports should be banned. With majority of these sportswears companies primed to provide and manufacture comfortable outfits, digging in deep to keep the Muslim woman comfortable and brought closer to sports was always going to be contentious.

With a sizeable population of the world being Muslims and many of them, women, taking them off sports, which are some people’s desire as profession is not fair, especially when one considers that technology has not fared well enough to provide apparels that will provide great comfort to such women.

After the Hijab was accepted and long trousers also with no part except the faces of these women showing, the involvement of Muslim women in sports increased to a great extent and the willingness of these nations to spend on sports have also increased, thereby increasing the stakes of such sports as a result of the wealth and riches ascribed to majority of the Islamic nations of the world.



Sportswear company, Nike have produced a very comfortable Hijab, made with cotton and filled with air spaces to make sports more attractive to the Muslimah out there. It is beautiful, classy and has been used and sampled most notably by a United Arab Emirates athlete who revealed her happiness at finally getting a shot at better comfort as the previous complaints have been addressed.

Nike’s latest product will spur others to ensuring that everyone irrespective of race or religion is considered in the production of Sportswear as there are huge gaps left with the recent products which to many Muslims are too shape-revealing and open to be worn by a Muslim.

Nike have shown a willingness to give everyone a shot at participation in sports as many are pulling back and disinterested because of the lack of good  apparels and have indeed set a standard that promises to be hugely followed and even gazumped, soon.


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