Truth be told, religion in Africa is practiced differently compared to other societies. We have heard Pan-Africans, Atheists, Agnostics and religious liberals say, “religion makes people stupid”. This claim has been refuted severally. However, it is true that the actions of some people, who, in the name of religion, have become retarded, have contributed to the misunderstanding of religion.

This morning, I had the opportunity of taking total control over a fully grown man, make money off him and enslave him till he starts to use his senses. Well, I have heard of stories of people who are more gullible.

I got to Ilobu to join the Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) team against a 2-day lecture which would start tomorrow, 29/11/2019 in Imesi-Ile, Osun State. I and a brother had finished eating at a restaurant when we stopped a bike man.

I asked him to take us to Baba Adepoju’s house but he said he does not know where that is. Another bike man gave him a description and we were good to go.

On our way, I engaged him;

Me: If you do not know Baba Adepoju’s house, then, you are not from Ilobu.

Bike man: No, I am not from Ilobu.

Me: (After thinking that he must be from Ifon since it is close to Ilobu) You are from Ifon then.

Bike man: Yes, I am from Ifon.

After some seconds…

Me: You are not even surprised I know where you are from without knowing you personally. Hmmmmm, I have a spiritual message for you o (jokingly)

Bike man: (Seriously) Sir, please tell me, sir…

Me: No, don’t let me tell you. I don’t want to trouble your mind with this great message. You know, one needs to be careful with delivering a message these days. (I recited some Arabic words)

Bike man: Sir, I am begging you. Even the Bible says the prophet should deliver messages.

Me: Hmmm, see, don’t let me say it. May God save us from family battles…

We got to our destination and we continued;

Bike man: please, add something to my fare for me. (I did). Alfa, please, the money you gave me is as important as what God has revealed to you.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Okay. My message to you is that you should increase your patience and give in charity. When people seek your help, give as little as you can. Do not be selfish…

He almost prostrated to thank me. I and the brother with me took some time to discuss him and how this is the thought process of many Nigerians. They want miracles, they want to hear what vision was seen about them.

This is about both Muslims and Christians. While the Pastor/Prophet claims to have seen a vision, then asks the victim to buy ANOINTING oil which should be used for COOKING, prescribe marathon fast, tell him his Mother is behind his problem, the Alfa, on the other hand, googles on the sand, draw nonsense diagrams on his plate and asks that his victim go bring tortoise shell, lizard tail, 10 rats and later, money.

These shenanigans have destroyed many married, torn parent and child apart, made people bankrupt, made some women enslaved by the so-called prophets and seers, driven some people nuts but when we tell them the truth, they call us lunatics, liars, insensitive and their enemies, they follow and obey sheepishly.


Be wise! I told a pastor who said he saw a vision that I will die in 2013, “If you have a vision for me, Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman Lukman, then, you need to prophesy your own date, tell me the date and time. When you now die according to your prophecy, then, I will believe it is the will of God and you saw nothing”

Iro lasan!!!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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