A patient in the hospital is familiar with the daily visits of Evangelists. At a time, I wondered if there is no scheduled time for them to see patients.

The nurses and doctors add to the menace as they take turns to evangelize and win souls for Christ. Heaven knows how many Muslims they have deceived.

On a certain day, a Christian Evangelist with two others came to the hospital. The drama went thus:


Lucas Bashir : These People are here again. After that bed, the pastor is coming to us and I need to sleep. Ridwan, bring out that my vest with knowislam.com.ng (Know Islam, Know paradise) inscribed on it and hang it on my bed.

If Allah wills, he might see it and know we are Muslims then go to another bed.


(Ridwon hung the cloth then the pastor and crew came few minutes later)

Pastor : Good afternoon sir.

Lucas Bashir : Afternoon sir.

Pastor : We have come to share the word of God with you.

Lucas Bashir : Okay, thanks.

Pastor : We thank you for the opportunity you gave to us. We are…. (cuts in)

Lucas Bashir : Sir, take a look at these vest, we are Muslims here. If you still wish to preach, fine or better still, go to some Christian fellow.


Pastor : let’s share the word of God with you sir. You see, after death is judgment. Jesus christ is our lord and saviour who came to die for us and redeemed us from the curse of Eden.

Except a man be born again in Jesus Christ, our lord, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Jesus is… (cuts in)


Lucas Bashir : sorry sir, which book are you quoting from? Earlier, I told you we are Muslims here and in Islam we have Jesus too.

It is nowhere to be found in the Qur’an that Jesus came to die for our sins and he is not our lord and personal saviour.

Pastor : Sir, I am not here to preach religion but for Evangelism.

Lucas Bashir : Oh, I see. You are not here to preach religion but Christianity. This Evangelism is under what? Not Christianity? I told you I’m a Muslim and the only thing I did was to tell you about Jesus in Islam. I’m not preaching too.


Pastor : please, let us go on with our Evangelism and listen sir.

Lucas Bashir : okay, can I talk at the end of your Evangelism?

Pastor : it is not really needed.

Lucas Bashir : Haha, is this Evangelism or Dogmagelism? How do you want to preach to someone with another religion and you will expect him to agree with all you say?

Pastor : That’s how we do it.

Lucas Bashir ; Well, I’m sorry. The other time, you said Jesus is our lord and personal saviour,can you please open to Isaiah 43:10-11, let’s see if Jesus is truly our lord and savior.


Pastor : (A bit red) : I cannot open it.

Lucas Bashir : Why? Well, Jesus is not our lord and personal saviour, only God is. Check Isaiah 43:10-11 at home. You can also check Matthew 10;5-6, Matthew 15:24, Jesus was sent to the israelites not to the whole world.

Also consider checking Mark 12:29,Jesus knew one God. He saw no church neither did he build. He knew nothing about Christianity, did not , pay nor collect any offering. He did not see any version of the Bible. He was a Muslim who submitted to the will of God and bowed to Him in worship. ( Mark 12:29).

How long do you have left for Evangelism?


Pastor : Actually, we have other places to cover. We’ll see you next time sir.


Lucas Bashir : Alright,, thanks.


Lucas Bashir is not replying messages nor picking calls for now. Those with vital information can call Lucas Ridwon Samuel on 08119871619.

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