On the day of my birth
My audience were in mirth
Awaiting my performance worth
And I cried out my worse

Like I rehearsed
Verses about my death
That succumbed my tears
Flowing out my fears
About the illusion of this earth

I came knowing why
I cried
Now I deny
How can I deny I lied?

The reality is not a show
But a vow
That whatever I sow
Shall surely show

When I crept on earth
Days after my birth
A day came I began to walk on earth
The earth preached, ‘be humble’
Length of your shoulder is my girth

Reality preaches
The scriptures keep preaching
How many will hearken?
Everyone is beseeching
For an illusion that can’t assuage our mission

I am a sinner
So I judge myself
To be a winner
I repent and never pretend to threaten myself

So I came with nothing
And will surely leave with something
Seeds of my deeds that never dies
When everything material, is of no need to me

Remembering death is not a sign of weakness, but it is a sign of reality, even the populous weak will meet

Credit: I.M Saani the Poet

Nafysah @ Knowislam.com.ng.


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