When I tell you about hope,
I want you to imagine
the sweat dropping off Hajara’s skin as she insistently runs for water in the midst of the desert.

Feel the pain and the strength
of a father like Ibrahim
when he looked into his son’s eyes as a sacrifice to God;


Feel the betrayal
in Yusuf’s heart
when his own flesh and blood
tossed him away like garbage
and the thick darkness inside a whale where Yunus resided, alone

 Picture the wide sea

in front of your feet

as Musa fled from the Pharaoh
and how terrified Asiyah must’ve been
as she resisted her violent husband

as Bilal’s bones get crushed
while his mouth uttered the shahada
and wonder how Rasulullah ﷺ
could still continue his path
as blood was flowing down his head
and soiled meat was thrown at him

and maybe then
when you see it all,
feel it all
imagine it all
you would learn
thirst didn’t win over Hajra
and Ismael wasn’t slayed
Neither did Yusuf end up unsuccessful
and Yunus forgotten.

Musa and his people still crossed the sea,
Bilal saved out of nowhere
and Muhammad’s ﷺ mission is blooming
like never before –

hope means not seeing an escape yourself,
but knowing that Allah
always does.

Hope and faith builds the eeman

Nafysah @Knowislam.com.ng.



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