A Muslim Sister serving in the NYSC in Ekiti was reportedly at the verge of being expelled from the camp.

The sister, Abdulqadir Khadijat, was said to have refused to remove her Hijab as well as wearing the NYSC knicker which she considered extremely too short given her religious ideology.

Maintaining her stance that the refusal was not out of the country’s constitution and that wearing the Hijab is her fundamental human right, she reached out to Muslim organizations leading to reactions from the Muslims.

The MURIC Rights Concern (MURIC), through its head, Professor Ishaq Akintola, in a new development said they had contacted the Director-General of the NYSC.

According to Akintola, the case had been resolved. He made this available to the press in a statement obtained by the KnowIslam Project. He said,

“The Director General Of the Nysc (General Shuaibu Ibrahim) was reach out to through several series of help Alhamdulilah, our call was heard and the intervention came through. After wish the  issues was addressed. And now, the sister, Abdulkadir Khadijat Oluwatomi is now a full registered member of the Nysc free to put on her hijab and other Islam complaint gears.”

After due investigation, the KnowIslam Project can authoritatively say that the had been resolved through a peaceful process.

There is also a lesson here for  the Muslim Ummah to always stand up and speak and never get intimidated in matters relating to the Deen; when you are deprived of practicing make sure you reach out to the right source in order to resolve the problem amicably.

The KnowIslam Project


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