Hajia Aasiyat was confirmed to be dead on Sunday at an undisclosed hospital in Ibadan.

The deceased was alleged to be a Step-mother to the General Overseer of Winner’s Chapel, Bishop Oyedepo. Evidences emerging suggest she was an Aunt.

Aasiyat, during her lifetime became known to the public following an infamous declaration by Billionaire Pastor, Bishop Oyedepo. The clergy prophesied that she would die as a miserable poor woman if she refuses to accept Christianity.

Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde wrote on her life. Read here

Family rejects Muslim Burial

The Muslim ‘Ummah gathered on Monday to give her a befitting Muslim burial.

The children, now Christians are refusing to give her body to the Muslim’ Ummah.

Muslims are gathering at the family house. There are suggestions that there would be Salat al-Gha’ib (burial in absence of the body) if they do not give up the body by 1pm.

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12:18pm: Aasiyat not buried. The family are still with the body.

12:35pm: Hon. Adekeye Azeez, the Balogun Adinni of Omu-Aran confirms she died a Muslim and attended Islamic programs during her lifetime.

Body still not released by family.

Hajia Aasiyat’s burial announcement

12:55pm: Imam Issa Islaudeen confirms Hajia Aasiyat’s body is in Ibadan. Salat al-Ghaib likely to be performed at her Family house in Omu-Aran, Kwara State.


Fact-Check: There is no single Muslim in the family.

Verdict: False. Hon. Adekeye Azeez, the Balogun Adinni of Omu-Aran land and Imam Issa Islaudeen confirmed that Alhaji Abdur-rahman, a brother to Bishop Oyedepo is a practicing Muslim and some other members of the family too.


Salatul Gha’ib for Hajia Aasiyat 

AlhamduliLlāh. The Muslim ‘Ummah performed Salatul Gha’ib (burial in Absentia) for Hajia Aasiyat.

The prayer was led by the Imam of Omu-Aran central Mosque.

At the time of this writing, Hajia Aasiyat’s body is in Ibadan kept by the children who are all Christians.

May Allah forgive Aasiyat and grant her Jannah. Aameen.

Imam Ali-Agan leads another Salatul ‘Gha’ib

Professor Ali-Agan (University of Ilorin) also led Salatul Gha’ib at An Nur Islamic school, Oloje, Kwara State.


Family Members finally reveal late Hajia Aasiyat’s relationship with Bishop Oyedepo

– Brief Account of family history

– Late Husband’s religion

– Pa Ibrahim turned Abraham

Watch video (subtitled in English)

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