Korede Olawoyin’s lies and mischief led me to stop engaging him for about five years now. However, he still remains a very big part of my SUCCESS story (with no thanks to him). A few days ago, I shared an article about a Facebook post by Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma where I first engaged Muslims on the internet. AlhamduliLlah, this engagement would later lead me to Islam. Pained by this article and an unnecessary feeling of self-importance, Korede went ahead to write an article full of his usual lies; what do we call a pathological liar who calls someone a lying machine? Unfortunately, he has played the chicken that switches on the fan exposing his own anus.

One may start to wonder how a mischievous and cunning individual would be a part of my SUCCESS story. Kindly note that SUCCESS here means ISLAM. In 2013, I engaged Muslims in debates. I decided to learn more about Islam due to series of lies Korede used to post (he still does) about Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Then, he called the Prophet a pedophile and I wondered how over one billion people would follow a pedophile. That led me to start researching about Islam until I got to become a Muslim. AlhamduliLlah.

Even though I stopped engaging Korede years ago, his lack of comprehension and mischief are still manifest in him. He misunderstood or mischievously interpreted what I wrote, ” I and Korede Olawoyin once debated together against Muslims on the same thread”

I do not know Korede personally before I reverted to Islam. Korede was and is still a liar and a nuisance, why would I want to associate myself with him when nothing connects us? What I meant is that I debated Muslims as a Christian on the same thread that Korede was debating them as well. Kindly note again that it was Korede’s claim of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) being a pedophile that made me to begin my research on Islam.

I voiced the video below which was uploaded on brother Mustafa Ahmed’s YouTube channel detailing one of Korede Olawoyin’s deception.


It is amazing that Korede would say, in 2020, that I need to associate myself with him to promote a story. Did he forget that I blocked him and his boss? The one who was and is still obsessed with me, Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma and ACADIP that if we invite him to a debate today, he’ll gladly accept as it means more pay for him by his sponsors?

Korede and his Boss, Isang have been blocked for about five years or more now yet they won’t stop editing videos, sending messages on Whatsapp, BEGGING for debates yet he said someone wants to associate himself with him?

Let it be clear that I mentioned that I and Korede debated against muslims on the same Facebook post only to show that no one cannot be guided and not to seek validation.


We have refuted all their claims, if they don’t lie, there’ll be nothing left. Korede Olawoyin, Isang Akagha and Paul of Tarsus are birds of a feather.


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